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Pride Journey Summer Getaway: Curaçao

For a thrilling adventure, adrenaline junkies are welcome to traverse the island’s eastern side during a rugged off-roading adventure with Eric’s ATVs. The three-hour eastern island tour stops at the Aloe Plantation and Bika's Caverns, where riders will discover the landscape of cacti, volcanic rock, crashing waves and endless blue waters of the Caribbean Sea along the way. Adventurers will take a short hike before climbing into the caverns, which have pockets of direct sunlight, differentiating them between caves. While there are bats fluttering around, the spaces are quite large so they stay towards the top near the stalactites. From there, the guides will lead the group up to a lookout point with sweeping views of the island’s eastern end. Eric’s ATVs also offers a full-day tour to Westpunt, complete with a gnarly ride across the Queen Juliana bridge (the highest in the Caribbean), lunch at a local restaurant like Jaanchie’s and a stop at a hidden beach.

For a kiteboarding experience to remember, head to Sint Joris Baai on the northeastern side of the island where constant trade winds make it one of the best places to learn how to kite board. The instructors at Nix Kite School offer kiteboarding lessons for all skill levels. During an introductory class, surfers will learn basic skills such as how to power/de-power the kite, getting a feel for the steering, and learning how to body drag (letting the kite guide you though the water). For the more advanced surfer, try out the Freestyle Class where advanced surfers will learn tricks like the mega loop, back-roll, S-bend and how to maxmize air time.

What better way to explore Curaçao’s underwater world than aboard an underwater scooter? At this family-owned attraction, participants use these self-propelled submersibles to explore the reefs of Curaçao. Participants (ages 10+) sit in a personal scooter and glide over the reefs at leisure, observing a variety of beautiful fish and the coral reefs that Curaçao is world-renowned for. Aboard this eco-friendly scooter, riders will wear a bell-shaped glass container that is supplied with oxygen from a scuba-dive tank attached to the front of the scooter. Aquafari is a fun way for non-scuba-divers to experience the sensation of breathing underwater and glide among exotic sea creatures.


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