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Pride Journey Spotlight: Amanda Kinden - Oh Doughnuts

February 7, 2020


Amanda Kinden is the mastermind and baker behind Winnipeg's OD (that’s original doughnut, “cruller was the case that they gave me”) Oh Doughnuts, which originally started as a hobby, creating doughnuts in a church basement to supply cool coffee shops like Parlour with delicious numbers to accompany your coffee. Demand grew, and with that Kinden realized a storefront and larger kitchen was in order, which you can now find at 326 Broadway – and a second location set to open so very soon on Taylor Avenue.  


These doughnuts are embarrassingly good – when you eat one you may find yourself hovering over it like an aggressive bird protecting its eggs – while Kinden also does an amazing variety of flavours and styles. There's the gorgeous lemon meringue, an Instagram darling which is filled with lemon curd and topped off with toasted meringue; there's crème brûlée -- crispy on top and pillowy in the centre; a croHnut; and even vegan doughnuts like the cherry Amaretto with toasted almonds.  


The ingredients are meticulously sourced, which of course makes for a better product. The organic flour is milled by Prairie Flour Mills in Elie (another producer that supplies some of our city's best) and the organic eggs come from Hermann Grauer -- whose Nature's Farm company is just a peach.  


Everything about the store is either local, or sustainably sourced, while its take-out containers are either compostable or recyclable. It’s little wonder that Kinden has won such a solid fan-base, along with a vast assortment of news article and a few awards – including the best New Business Award from the Manitoba LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Favourite Local New Independent Business from The Uniter.


Profile courtesy of Tourism Winnipeg, photo courtesy of Oh Doughnuts

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