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Thank you for your interest in collaborating with me. You may reach me directly via email at joey@pridejourneys.com

Please understand that blogging takes a lot of work.  I spend about 2-3 hour per day on Pride Journeys and while I am visiting a destination, my entire day is spent filming content, taking photos and immersing myself in the destination. I take my blogging seriously and I hope you noticed the quality of the work I put out there.  

Travel Destination Features and Reviews

If you are a destination and would like to have your city or attractions featured on Pride Journeys, you are more than welcome to invite me to visit. I never feature a comprehensive destination review unless I visit the destination first. Due to travel constraints, I may not have the time to visit all destinations and in some cases may create a blog post about an LGBT news item in your city. 

Product Reviews

Repetition is the key to any successful marketing. Therefore, two or more features work better than just one. A variety of items for separate features is highly recommended. Please keep in mind that I prefer to select the items myself as this will allow me to project your product better in the pictures and promote it well. Please also keep in mind that even if the products are considered as a gift, I will review it, as well as your service, with unbiased opinions. Readers trust their bloggers for the brands they represent so to have a good review and a good relationship, please treat me as if I were a customer. I will, however, contact you if I have any concerns prior to writing any review. Please also keep in mind that since I put work into the product reviews, the samples will be considered as a gift/compensation for the work I have put into it and will not be returned. It is in my best interest to promote your brand to the best of my ability. Please note that I reserve the right to put additional, similar options next to your link. I also reserve the right to direct the link to another vendor if your website has sold out.


I love giving back to my readers and I always welcome and appreciate any brands who are willing to sponsor one or be a part of a big giveaway that I am doing. However, I prefer to always introduce the brand by reviewing it prior to agreeing to host or include your item on a giveaway. This is on a case-to-case basis though so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. The item you would want to giveaway must be related to travel, men's fashion and/or beauty and a certain minimum retail value is required. The higher the value of the item you’re giving away the better chances your brand will get entries.

Sponsored Posts

I am open to writing a dedicated post about your brand or company for a specific reasonable rate. I do prefer to to write the article myself but you can always give me an idea of where you would like the post to be built around. However, if you would rather submit the article, the article must have not been published on other sites/blogs and must be professionally written. This keeps the integrity and the quality of Pride Journeys

Banner Ads

If you would like a banner ad placed on the sidebar, please email me for spots available and the rates.

If you have other ideas for collaboration that I have not mentioned here, please pitch it anyways! If you’re ready to proceed, contact me at joey@pridejourneys.com


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