2022 Media Kit

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My name is Joey Amato and I am a seasoned journalist with over a decade of publishing and publicity experience in the LGBTQ space. My current endeavor, Pride Journeys, is a syndicated column targeting LGBTQ consumers and travelers. Each month, I publish a travel review and syndicate it to LGBTQ media across North America. Since beginning syndication in 2017, I have grown to partner with 30 other LGBTQ publications with a total combined reach of almost 250,000 people. My mission is to encourage people to travel outside of their comfort zone. Pride Journeys has visited over a dozen destinations thus far including: Milan, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Rochester and more. Whereas social media sponsorship may yield a one-time sale, Pride Journeys articles live on the Internet forever, and readership of a specific article could very well increase over time.  

Pride Journeys by the Numbers

Potential Reach After Syndication: 250,000

Male Readers: 75%

Female Readers: 25%


Our media partners are distributed both digitally and in print across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Destination Sponsorship Packages

Platinum Level: $1,250

  • 1 syndicated Editorial (250,000 potential readers)

  • 1 Short Form video of the trip

  • 3 photos on Instagram Stories per day

  • Featured listing in Pride Journeys LGBT Travel Directory ($395 value

  • Minimum of 1 photo on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn per day

  • 1 long-form blog post (1000+words) on www.pridejourneys.com


Basic Level: Free (All Travel Expenses Paid)

  • 2 photos on Instagram per day

  • 2 photos on Facebook per day

  • 1 long-form blog post (1,000+words) on www.pridejourneys.com



We are currently looking for partners in the following industries: Hotels, Airlines, Car Rental/Ride-Share

Destination will cover all travel expenses for each sponsor level which include:

Roundtrip airfare from IND for Joey Amato with checked luggage, accommodation, ground transportation and attractions that are to be included in the content. Restaurants or per diem (including travel days) for regular meal times. Any gratuities and additional costs that are required for itinerary items. *Trip days are equivalent to hotel nights (ie. 3 night stay = 3 day trip)