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PR Firm Launches LGBT Consulting Division

Agency33 Public Relations has launched a new consulting division, targeting national corporations, small business owners and entertainers looking to reach LGBT consumers.

According to market research, in 2018, the consumer buying power of the LGBT community will approach $1 Trillion, making them one of the most influential diversity groups in the country. A vast majority of their disposable income will be spent on travel, dining, apparel and entertainment.

With over a decade of LGBT consumer industry experience in both publishing and public relations, Agency33 founder Joey Amato found that businesses prefer a crash course in LGBT outreach rather than retaining a firm for an extending period of time.

Under the new division, Amato will offer clients a customized program specific to the company’s goals and expectations as is relates to the LGBT consumer. “Over the course of the past year, we have tested this approach with various clients across a variety of industries and we have seen incredible results,” states Joey Amato, President of Agency33.

The cost of this program will be on a sliding scale and based on client revenue. However, rates begin at $750 for small businesses, and entertainment industry professionals.

Agency33 will also work with other public relations agencies and marketing firms to bring expertise and knowledge to their clients looking to target this specific demographic.

“I would love to see more businesses and musicians make a conscious and strategic effort to reach this market especially given today’s current political and economic climate,” says Amato. “We will help companies navigate the very challenging market, which can ultimately lead to increase revenues. The key however, is authenticity. If consumers feel like they are being marketed to just for their money, these campaigns will never work. This is where our expertise comes in.”

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