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Decorating Your Gay Bachelor Pad in 5 Stylish Steps

Just because you’re gay, it doesn’t mean you automatically know how to design a perfect bachelor pad. If you’re not exactly a smooth decorator, here are a few stylish tips that will make this process easy and effective, and you’ll have your gay bachelor pad ready for hosting friends or something more.

Show off your personality

Straight dudes often make this mistake—they just throw in a few necessary things and call it a day. This causes all of their pads to look absolutely the same. Well, you simply have to stand out and show off your shining personality. Think about the things that you love—your passions, your hobbies and your fandoms. If you’re interested in biology, you can showcase some scientific prints or display some specimens for a very unique décor that will definitely start a few conversations. On the other hand, if you’re big on music, frame some records that give you life or give your music instruments a dual purpose and also use them as decoration. And don’t forget to sneak a rainbow or some queer-themed art. Sure, being gay is not all there is to you, but it surely is a big part of your life, so proudly show off!

Get techy up in there

No matter what your relationship with technology is, your bachelor pad deserves to step into the 21st century. Having a few latest pieces of tech will not only make you look cool but also make your everyday life much easier. Having a smart TV will allow you to watch Netflix with one press of a button, but also stream all the music you like and throw a super-quick dance party. If your neighbors don’t really like the idea of your parties, you can get a smart lock and doorbell that will boost security and let you know exactly who to ring in. Smart lock and doorbell and a home camera are very handy when you’re traveling since you can let your friends and family inside or check up your space even when you’re having a blast somewhere thousands of miles away.

Turn into a pillow princess

No matter what kind of interior style you’re pursuing, your apartment is your safe space, so make it comfortable and cozy. It’s best if you start with a nice natural rug, preferably something made from wool. You can get gorgeous rugs in NZ and give your living room a base on which to build the rest of your furniture. And if you’re not starting your interior design project from scratch, you can employ a soft, minimalist rug that fits well with all furniture and use it to tie everything together. Invest in some throw pillows, and when you have the girls over for a nice serving of hot tea, you don’t have to worry about seating in your small bachelor pad—just take the floor.

Pay special attention to lighting

You might think that lighting doesn’t deserve a top 5 spot when it comes to apartment decoration, but it surely does. How do you think to take all those hot selfies when all you have is one stupid recessed light? First of all, if you love those golden hour picks, then you must let all the natural light that you can inside. Unfortunately, most bachelor pads are not blessed with floor-to-ceiling windows, so you also need artificial lighting. Layer your lighting with general lighting (chandelier), task lighting (a desk lamp and a floor lamp) and ambient lighting (LED strips or neon signs). The last category will produce some amazing photos and allow you to play with shadows and show off all your best attributes while hiding your flaws (if any).

Introduce some Tarzan realness

Ready to become a plant gay? Gays have been dominating the plant-parenting craze in the past few years, so why not choose one or two plants to bring some life into your bachelor pad. No matter how big or small you go, some greenery will add depth and texture to your place. If you’re not exactly the embodiment of healthy living, plants will also refresh the oxygen in your home and boost your mood. Plus, they are aesthetically pleasing and can also be used as gorgeous props for your photoshoots.

There you have it! With these five simple tips, you will manage to decorate your bachelor pad, show off your personality and make every gay in your area jealous of your apartment. And maybe they’ll want to come over and check it out in person!

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