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Slovenia: A True Hidden Gem

There are few places in the world where I’ve arrived and immediately felt truly welcomed and at home; the first was Scotland, but I can now add Slovenia. I try not to return to destinations as so many are on my list. However, I feel confident that this was my first trip to Slovenia, but certainly not my last. No matter what destination is currently at the top of your travel list, I highly recommend you move it down to number two (it’ll still be there next year) and add Slovenia to the top spot!

Why visit, you might ask. Certain places must be experienced to understand the hype fully, and Slovenia is one of those countries. No words or photos can do it justice. It’s the people, the food, and the natural landscapes that bring this country to life! We traveled for adventure activities – mainly hiking, but we fell in love with the people and the fresh culinary delights! And there's no better time to go than now. Visitors are still light in this lesser-known destination, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s the next “it” country and the crowds flock in. 


To learn more or begin planning your trip to Slovenia (or elsewhere), visit us online at or email us at We are excited to help you experience this hidden gem for yourself.


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