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New Gay Travel App Launches

Meet Sonder, a travel app made for gay people. Make the gay travel experience richer in options, simpler to organize and in addition help the gay public to connect. With these goals in mind, the Sonder app is born, a tailor-made travel app for gays. Using Sonder gives you a complete travel experience. Through tailor made content and tourism services, Sonder informs and empowers its users to know the world with pride. “The gay public finds it hard to schedule their entertainment activities. Access to relevant information and programming is restricted to those who know the city very well. You might wonder if, for instance, the hotel you chose will not be hostile to your sexual orientation or how to find a relevant and up-to-date cultural guide to the city. With Sonder, the search for these pieces of information will be faster and full of quality options, "says Rangel Vilas Boas. Sonder enables and gives power to the tourist experience of the gay public by promoting curation of activities and places around the world through the city guides. Within the platform it is possible to plan full trips: friendly hotel bookings, purchase travel tickets, get entertainment tickets and obviously interact with other people, as any good social network. The user’s interactivity goes beyond the publication of photo content and reviews as it is possible to score the travel companions from shared experiences, as in the Black Mirror series. "The complete enrichment of the experience comes from contact between users, which may even be daily" says Vilas Boas, who had had the idea long before the third season of Black Mirror was released. It is through its collaborative evaluation system that Sonder will bring the best gay tourism options in the world, he adds. " All user’s content posting, ratings of places and app activities will result in points similar to mileage. Each user has the potential to become a Sonder Ambassador by acquiring advantages of services in the platform All features, defined as premium service, have no cost to the user and do not require paid subscription to acquire extra services in the app. "We want all the people to be proud of their experiences," concludes Vilas Boas. TO DOWNLOAD iOS: Android:

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