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IGLTA Publishes Calendar of LGBTQ Festivals Featuring More Than 140 Events Worldwide

The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association now has an online calendar featuring more than 140 LGBTQ festivals and events around the world. At least 30 countries are represented in the calendar and more than 25 events are specifically targeted towards underrepresented segments in the LGBTQ community including people of color, lesbian and transgender communities. Moving beyond LGBTQ Pride, the festivals, gatherings and events on the calendar incorporate a variety of themes, from music, art, and food to sports, dance, advocacy and comedy. While the events are different, the common thread is celebration within the LGBTQ community. “Visiting a destination during an LGBTQ festival or event is a great way to not only see its landmarks and learn its history, but also to experience the local LGBTQ community,” said IGLTA President/CEO John Tanzella. “The themes of these events may vary, but our voice and presence as an LGBTQ community are stronger when we come together. And since so many of these events rely on the support of visitors, we decided to publish a global list to assist travelers and the businesses that serve them in finding interesting events outside of their home city.” For more information, go to

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