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Author Jake Biondi to release BOYSTOWN Season Nine on December 14

BOYSTOWN series author Jake Biondi will release the ninth installment of his popular BOYSTOWN book series on December 14. “The ninth book is a very special one and a Christmastime release date seemed appropriate,” Biondi told fans of his BOYSTOWN book series. “Because of the success of the series, fans from all over the world have been asking me when book nine will be available. The events of the ninth book take place during the holiday season, so the timing is perfect.” “I decided to mix things up a bit in Season Nine,” Biondi explained. “While the twists and turns that fans have come to expect from the series are absolutely present, the ninth book employs some different story-telling techniques and explores some of the characters’ relationships in a deeper way. And the ending? Well, it will blow readers away!” Biondi has once again teamed up with designer Anna Crosswell of Cover Couture to create the latest BOYSTOWN book cover, which features five of the “BOYSTOWN boys” that fans have come to know. “BOYSTOWN is my favorite guilty pleasure,” said cover model Jake Jensen. “I love the relationships, drama, intrigue, and twists and turns. Each book is full of sexy surprises and I can’t put them down.” He added, “It was a huge honor to get asked to be one of the cover models for BOYSTOWN. I love the series, so having the opportunity to have my face as part of the brand is very cool.” Matt Bailey also appears on the new cover. “From the moment I started reading the BOYSTOWN series, I fell in love with it. Such a captivating series that leaves you wanting more. I couldn’t put the books down. Each one ends with a killer cliffhanger leading you into the next book.” Regarding being featured on two of the series book covers, Bailey stated, “This is such a cool experience, to see myself on the covers of this great book series.” Biondi said, “I love that fans are connecting with the characters and want to know what the future holds for them. The broad appeal of the book series is amazing. BOYSTOWN has an incredibly diverse audience.” Cover model Kyle Goffney said of Biondi, “He’s professional, encouraging, talented, and focused, all of things which I respect and admire.” Goffney added, “It’s really cool to be a part of something so creative and enticing. It’s not every day a guy gets featured on the book covers of such a cool series.” “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with BOYSTOWN series creator Jake Biondi,” said Jensen. “I have a great amount of respect for his writing and his work.” Bailey previewed, “There’s some exciting things in store for the BOYSTOWN series, and I’m honored to be working on this project as well as being on the covers. Jake is very creative and this is only the beginning.” The BOYSTOWN book series continues to maintain an average customer rating of five stars, the highest possible rating on “Jake Biondi is one of the most masterful writers of fiction of our time,” said Roger Ward in his review of the BOYSTOWN series. “The saga is told masterfully through several subplots which include unforeseen twists and turns that will leave the reader stunned and speechless.” BOYSTOWN Season Nine is currently available for pre-order on iTunes, Kindle, and Nook: The series is available in paperback, audio book, and all e-book formats. Readers may order autographed paperback copies of the books directly from

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