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ES Collection Introduces Bon Voyage Swim Line

Bon Voyage is a cheerful collection that travels back to the 60s, the height of the industrialization boom in Barcelona when thousands arrived from smaller towns and cities. It was called “Catalan Manchester “because of the number of factories situated in the popular Poblenou neighborhood in Barcelona during the decade.

The Barcelona of the 60s was also marked by the arrival of the first tourists to Spain and, with it, a new way of seeing life and understanding leisure. The artistic currents of these years brought new visions of life to Barcelona: the hippie movement, pop and optical art, and hyperrealism.

Bon Voyage is much more than just a simple trip, it is a journey of life; it speaks of movement, mixture, and evolution. Throughout history, change has always come from influences, movements, and migratory flows, and the 60s in Barcelona is a true reflection of that. We hope the collection inspires today’s modern men to enjoy his travels!

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