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Variety Cruises Celebrates Pride Month with Mega-Yacht Experiences

Variety Cruises, an award winning boutique cruise line, celebrates Pride Month with the launch of its Gay-Friendly brochure featuring its mega-yacht cruises to iconic and exotic destinations around the world. Variety’s small ship experience enables its guests to explore small ports that are not accessible to large cruise ships, in an intimate ambiance on yachts no larger than 36 cabins.

Variety Cruises itineraries enable guests to explore the world’s most beautiful jungles, exotic beaches, and ancient treasures by mega-yacht, cruising through the Mediterranean, the Adriatic, the Red Sea, Bali, Seychelles, Costa Rica & Panama, West Africa and Iceland. In creating these programs, Variety Cruises has designed in depth LGBTQ friendly programing and itineraries which include proactive involvement with local organizations pertaining to LGBTQ issues and understanding the destinations they visit and their local culture and approach.

Guests on a Variety Cruise will also enjoy the personal attention of the almost 2 to 1 passenger /crew ratio and exquisite cuisine always with a local flavor. All of Variety’s mega yachts and motor sailors offer ocean view cabins and 360 unobstructed views of the wonders of nature and splendors of the destinations visited. In addition to the scheduled Gay-Friendly cruise departures, Variety mega-yachts are available for charter.

As part of its commitment to the LGBTQ Community, Variety Cruises has close ties with The Trevor Project, a U.S. leading LGBTQ organization, supporting their efforts via fundraising efforts and by additionally part-taking in a Trans-Education initiative that began with the documentary Draw With Me in 2018, and soon developed into a platform for an entire education and awareness expansion movement.

For more information on Variety Cruises contact your local travel agent or call Variety Cruises at: 1-800-319-7776; or visit Variety Cruises at

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