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Pride Journey Outdoors: San Francisco, California

West coast travelers should swing by Presidio of San Francisco – a huge park at the northern edge of the city, at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Naturally most know about SF’s amazing Pride Parade, but the Presidio is a place one can go to escape crowds, and get a bit of outdoor exercise and fresh air during this Covid crisis. The north section of Baker Beach, Marshall’s Beach, is clothing optional..

The Presidio of San Francisco, once the nation’s premier Army post, is now a new kind of urban national park. Spanning nearly 1,500 acres in a spectacular setting at the foot of the Golden Gate bridge, the park is defined by its history, unique views, natural habitats, and beautiful open spaces. The Presidio offers enough to be a visitor destination in itself, or can be enjoyed as a green oasis just miles from other San Francisco sites. This visitor destination is home to museums, art and archaeological sites, golf and recreation facilities, delicious restaurants, and two historic boutique hotels. Its natural features include 24 miles of hiking and 25 miles of biking trails, beaches, forests, a natural lake, and historical legacy spots from over 240 years ago.

Their historic boutique hotels, the Inn at the Presidio and the Lodge at the Presidio, will likely reopen mid-August. They will be a fantastic place for a staycation, and offering plenty of open space outside the front door.

Photo by Fumi Yamazaki

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