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Pride Journey Outdoors: St. Barts

St. Barts is one of the Caribbean’s most varied and upscale islands that features a collection of world class villas, hotels, spas, fine dining and a wide choice of leisure activities including nautical sports and full calendar of cultural events. At eight square miles, the island is adorned with beautiful inlets and bays of soft white sand that provide a breathtaking backdrop for travelers of all backgrounds and interests.

There are many wonderful outdoor adventures to enjoy on the island, including:

Boating + Ocean Activities

St. Barth has a long history of boating and today the island is filled with vessels of all shapes and sizes ready to show visitors everything the island and its surrounding areas have to offer. Private yacht charters, jet-ski rentals and canoe excursions, to name a few, await.

Scuba Diving + Snorkeling

Venture beneath the turquoise waters of the warm Caribbean Sea and discover an entire world right beneath the waves ready for exploration. The island is home to countless coral reefs and sub-marine ecosystems, with scuba and snorkeling tour operators available to guide and assist visitors on their undersea excursions. For an even more adventurous trip, try a SEABOB electric underwater scooter for diving with even more ease and agility.


World-famous for its pristine beaches and turquoise waters, St. Barts offers the ultimate Caribbean beach destination, with scores of beaches, coves and inlets ready to be explored. Saline Beach, located on the island’s southern coast, is a popular LGBT beach, with Hotel Manapany as one of the island’s premier gay-friendly accommodations.

Photo Credit: Territorial Tourism Committee of St. Barts

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