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A Sweet Surrender for Body and Mind

Saccharum, from Savoy Signature collection, is located on the south coast of Madeira island. Nestled between soaring mountains and an ocean of the deepest blue, bodies are sprinkled with soft sensations and emotions of well-being. Precisely here, the silence and quietness become the essence that brings us home, back to our own story.

The harshness of the sugar cane liquors turned rum melts with the molasses, and a real retreat begins to unfold before the senses. This is the perfect dive into the inviting ways and the serene authenticity that it has taken centuries to explore.

Bold style and cutting-edge design characterize Saccharum. Built on the site of a former sugar cane mill, Saccharum is a place rooted in both past and present. Reminders of the local heritage are visible throughout the resort, from the large photographs of sugar cane adorning the walls, to the historic metalwork decorating the restaurants.

All rooms and suites feature the handiwork of local interior designer Nini Andrade Silva. Trademark dark interiors and contemporary style pair seamlessly with the sugarcane theme and a host of other modern amenities. Each suite has a private balcony, the majority of which overlook the sea.

The resort's upscale facilities include a well-equipped spa with sensory showers, a whirlpool tub and treatment rooms. Elsewhere, you can catch a round of squash at the games room, or soak up some sun poolside. Guests have their pick of three heated outdoor swimming pools. One is a splash pool reserved exclusively for little ones, while another is a dramatic infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

Broaden your sense of tranquillity at our house of sugar water

As a design hotel, Saccharum is inspired by the beauty of the sugar cane and by its milling and distilling local heritage. The enlarged images of the sugar cane, the brown brick columns and the textured floors will make you go back in time. This sea-mountain sanctuary is the perfect choice for a wellness retreat, experiencing true moments of relaxation. It is also the starting point for adventure and invigorating walks along the levadas of Calheta. The spa, inspired by the traditional Ayurvedic medicine, offers a unique sensory experience that will fully reinvigorate and revitalize body and mind. Here, silence and serenity meet in a true retreat of the senses.

Feel inspired to try the power of Ayurvedic in your skin, body and mind at Saccharum Spa. Built for balance, your balance.

The spa at Saccharum is now an Ayurveda refuge. Guests are always welcome on a self-care retreat anytime they feel like indulging on pure massage rituals with an even more revitalizing energy, on a unique scenery. The philosophy of our spa is based on the purity of Ayurvedic traditional medicine’s ancient movements, our therapist’s intuition and the effectiveness of the products we use. The massage rituals available, along with the crucial help of holistic experiences, will help to rediscover the inner self nature. For couples, the special bubbling bath and body scrub followed by a deep tissue massage with sugar cane sticks, will be just memorable.

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