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4 Things I Love About Roam Luggage

Traveling as often as I do, well, as often as I used to, I frequently find myself in an airport baggage claim area trying to decipher which bag is mine from a sea of luggage that looks quite similar. If only there was a way to customize a suitcase that stands out from the crowd. I was pleasantly surprised to find out this is exactly the concept behind Roam Luggage.


Roam Luggage is available in 4 sizes ranging from a standard carry-on to a large multi-day case. Customers can choose from a palate of 6 different shell colors and 11 trim colors to make their luggage unique. I chose the Globetrotter edition, which is the larger of the group and available in more than 1 million color combinations.


The luggage is made with a lightweight US virgin polycarbonate, and every other component is carefully selected to maximize strength and minimize weight.


Your customized Roam Luggage will come with a fully integrated TSA-approved lock. Once you receive your luggage, you can choose your own 3-digit passcode.


Best-in-class ball bearing wheels allow travelers to walk freely without have to drag a heavy piece of luggage through the airport.

To customize your own piece of Roam Luggage, please visit

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