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5 Reasons a Road Trip is a Great Gay Honeymoon Idea

If you thought that road trips are a perfect holiday idea for singletons only, you were wrong. Packing your bags and calling it a road trip is also a good idea if you and your same-sex partner are looking for a perfect honeymoon. To help you decide whether or not to make your honeymoon a road trip, here are the top five reasons why you might benefit from such nuptials agenda.

You can fully custom-tailor your trip agenda

Road trips are open-ended by the very concept: you can pick any destination you want and decide how long you want to stay at each stop on the way. For this reason, the flexibility of a custom-tailored road trip is better by far than the fixed itinerary of pre-arranged honeymoon deals available through travel agencies. One thing is certain: your satisfaction and sightseeing options will be guaranteed because you will be able to customize the itinerary on the fly.

Road trips are cheaper than classic honeymoons

Granted you pick an affordable destination, road trips for gay couples can be much cheaper than standard honeymoons. You will be able to choose from a wider pool of hostels and private apartments to let along the way, so you can save up some cash on the trip and invest it in another aspect of your married life, such as new furniture or a better home.

You can follow in the footsteps of celebrities

If you are short on ideas as to where to go, you can always turn to others for an example. For instance, you can act on one of the top presidential road trip ideas and save yourself a lot of hassle when planning the route. By picking road trip cues of celebrities and other public figures, you will also be able to claim the bragging rights when you get back to your friends and family – or tell your future kids that you traveled the paths of the rich and the famous on your honeymoon.

Safety of your own car

If you and your same-sex significant other wish to take a summer road trip and combine it with the honeymoon, you can simply jump into your car or van and head off to explore one of the coolest LGBT road trip routes ever. However, before you do that, you might want to get a reliable car inspection in Sydney. Timely vehicle checkups are the best way to prevent potential repair and servicing costs on the go. Safety always comes first, whichever road you decide to explore. So, be sure to take the right preventive measures on time to have a comfortable, satisfying, and secure honeymoon.

Low-cost way to make new gay friends

Road trips are a splendid opportunity to meet new gay friends or get back in touch with acquaintances living along the route. If you are on a tight budget, you can also explore gay-friendly hostels and apartments to let and get to know more members of the LGBT community during your honeymoon. For a cool bonus, you will do a favor to your friends by booking accommodation with them rather than opting for local hotels which can charge a fortune for a decent room.

There are many reasons why road trips make a great honeymoon choice. The flexibility and freedom to custom-tailor your trip agenda, low trip costs, the possibility of bringing your pets along, and a chance to finally meet friends you know from your social networks all make road trips a good idea for your honeymoon. Bon voyage and congratulations on getting hitched!


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