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A Gay Man's Guide to Moving to Texas

Texas might not be your first thought when considering a move as a gay man, but this big state is very diverse and blessed with many modern and progressive cities. The capital of Austin, as well as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Marfa, are all very LGBTQ+ friendly. Texas is developing as a state, getting full of amazing job opportunities while remaining cheap for living. So, if you’re a gay man considering a move to Texas, here’s what you should know:

Don’t worry about employment

Texas has one of the healthiest economies in the States based on GDP growth, startup activity and employment in high-tech industries. This means that you can expect to find a good job with your skills and support yourself without any issues in Texas. In big cities, the hospitality industry and entertainment are also booming, so no matter your education, skills and experience, Texas will provide you with a job. And the pay is very proportionate to your expenses and rent. However, it’s best if you can move to Texas with employment already waiting for you—this will allow you to settle down much quicker.

Find your perfect location

Texas is big, thus offering you a lot of variety when it comes to your perfect location for living. You can go straight for the big cities like Austin, Huston and Dallas. These might be a bit more modern and friendly to strangers, especially of gay orientation, but they are crowded and nosy. If you’re looking for a spot to settle down and start a family, a small city like Lubbock, San Angelo or Abilene is a great solution. For instance, it’s very easy to find lux yet affordable Abilene apartments for rent and start your new life quickly and easily. These small towns are developing quickly, growing their economy and welcoming more and more young people, young families and ambitious professionals. And as they grow, their small town gay scene will follow, so you have a lot of good things to look forward to.

Prepare for warm weather

Some gays live for the warm weather when they can show off their perfect bodies, but others simply don’t like the heat. Well, in Texas, you’ll have plenty of hot days. All year round, temperatures are warm and suitable for living, but you might need some adjustment time for summers where temperatures regularly go over 90F. If you’re not used to tornadoes and hurricanes, you might also study up on extreme weather and what you should do in case something like that happens to your while in Texas.

Find gay entertainment

In Texas, you can always find plenty of gay entertainment. For instance, in Dallas, home to Texas’ first Pride Parade, you can find JR’s Bar and Grill, one of the most iconic gay clubs that serves classic American dishes. For more than 40 years, this club has been home to drag performances. Just next door, you can find Station 4, where you can people-watch, dance and watch some of the best drag in Texas. In Houston, make sure to visit Hamburger Mary’s, a family-friendly restaurant by day and wild entertainment venue by night. Some parts of Texas are still holding on to its cowboy past, but most of it has moved on and become very friendly for gay people—you certainly won’t be bored.

Get a license

There’s an untrue stereotype (or is it untrue?) that gays don’t drive but speed-walk everywhere. We’re sad to inform you that Texas requires you to get a license and invest in a car because the state is so big and cities are so spread out that you’ll waste a lot of time walking or waste a lot of money on Uber. Traffic can be bad at times, but in smaller cities, you can actually enjoy your drives, especially if you have an electric car that doesn’t pollute as much.

Texas can be a perfect place to live for many single gays and gay couples. If you study these little tips for moving to Texas, you’re guaranteed to start packing your things right now and looking for a place to stay in this great state.


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