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A Gay-Ole Summer Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift can be a delightful yet daunting task, especially when you want to make sure it's something truly special and memorable. Whether you're shopping for a friend, loved one, or for yourself, our comprehensive gift guide is here to help. From fun treasures to travel accessories to books, we've curated a selection of gifts that cater to every taste and budget. Dive into our guide to discover thoughtful and inspired ideas that will bring joy to your loved ones and make any occasion extraordinary.

Air Porter Backpack

The Air Porter Backpack by WaterField Designs redefines what a personal-sized travel backpack can offer by addressing travelers’ most common pain points: the need for easy access to essentials, space-maximizing organization, and sturdy yet comfortable support. It is the ultimate air-travel personal item to enhance a traveler’s journey from start to finish. Whether accessing items at check-in, mid-flight, or upon arrival, the Air Porter Backpack’s innovative design keeps critical travel items quick-to-access and tech and personal gear safe and organized. Designed to maximize airlines’ allowable personal item space, the Air Porter also helps globetrotters save on checked luggage fees. 

Busy Kitty Oversized Throw/Blanket

We have heard our pet-loving customers, and bring you our brand-new pet themed blankets - all the warmth you expect from Heat Holders®, and now with original and fun designs. Express your personality, and passion for your pets! Heat Holders® pet-themed thermal oversized blankets are made from a luxuriously soft fleece called HeatWeaver®. It's been developed to be very efficient at retaining heat, which is why it has an official tog rating of 1.7 - it's measurably warmer to the touch. These Heat Holders® pet-themed blankets are a generous 70¾" x 78¾" in size, so you can wrap up warmly on those chilly evenings, and perhaps even share with your furry friends! Incredibly soft and very easy to look after, these blankets are fully machine washable.

Pride Ring

MARCO DAL MASO and the Gioielli Group are proud to partner with the Matthew Shepard Foundation to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and endorse its mission to erase hate. Marco Dal Maso, using inspiration from the best known, six stripe version of the Rainbow Pride flag created this limited edition Wide Acies Ring in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Retailing at $290.00, MARCO DAL MASO and the Gioielli Group will donate $29.00 to the Matthew Shepard Foundation for each ring sold in the U.S.

Keith's Cacao

Keith's Cacao is a superfood, that offers a boost of energy and enhanced focus, allowing for authentic creativity, self-expression, and connection. It’s good for your body, mind, and spirit! Don’t start your day with jitters from caffeine, instead, opt for a superfood, plant medicine. Trusted by Cacao practitioners, Keiths Cacao has theobromine which stimulates our peripheral system, boosting blood flow throughout our body and providing a genuine lift without the rollercoaster crash. It offers a genuine, sustainable lift that feels like a warm embrace. Keith's Cacao stands out for its consistently low caffeine content, allowing theobromine to take the lead in creating that gentle, uplifting sensation.

Lodestar Whiskey

Lodestar Whiskey - Founded in 2023 Anna Axster & Wendelin von Schroder, two music industry vets and cousins originally from Germany, the brand has amassed a number of impressive accolades including becoming Gear Patrol’s “Best New Bourbon & Other Whiskey Releases of 2023 and one of Whiskey Raiders 18 Top Whiskeys Released in January 2024, as well as features in American Whiskey Magazine, CBS News, Foodsided, Food Republic, Santa Monica Daily Press, Whisky Magazine, The New York Times, Whisky Advocate, Los Angeles Magazine’s L.A. Woman issue - not bad for a brand in its first year of business! High-quality but always approachable, it embodies the laid-back California lifestyle where Lodestar is based and the universal truth that life's special moments are always better when shared.

Wholesome Hippy -Wholesome Hippy, an LGBTQ+owned and women-owned brand, was founded by partners Christa Dias and Sherri Dindal in 2020. Wholesome Hippy is an all-natural wellness and beauty brand that believes in the power of nature to heal and nourish the skin. The brand’s philosophy centers on using all-natural, clean ingredients that work in harmony with the body to provide true wellness. Wholesome Hippy products, such as the best-selling Calm Cream with Magnesium, are a game-changer for thousands. The testimonials received from individuals finding relief from arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety, sleeplessness, and more are powerful stories of transformation. 


Dolci!: American Baking with an Italian Accent: A Cookbook by Renato Poliafito, $35 - A joyous celebration of Italian, American, and Italian American tastes and traditionsDolci! is a compendium of molto delizioso baked goods from both sides of the Atlantic. In almost a hundred recipes, James Beard–nominated baker Renato Poliafito pays homage to pastries of the Old World and the New—with perfected versions of classics like Pastiera and Torta Caprese, Honey-Ricotta Black and Whites, and Butter Cookies. Poliafito puts his own unique spin on the baking traditions of both countries with recipes of his own invention that are a mashup of Italian flavors and American innovation. Think Aperol Spritz Cake, Italian Krispie Treats, Malted Tiramisu, Panettone Bread Pudding, and Mocha Orange Whoopie Pies. In addition to the many cakes, pies, tarts, and cookies, Poliafito also shares a host of savory recipes: Sourdough Focaccias, Perfect Grissini, Cacio e Pepe Arancini—and for good measure, Italian-inflected cocktails (Amaro Root Beer Float!). A vibrant comingling of two great culinary cultures filtered through the mind of an American with the heart of an Italian, Dolci! hits the sweet spot between Italian and American Baking.

Kubo Tea

Kubo Tea is 100% organic, natural high energy alternative to coffee and calorie dense sugar drinks.  We create high-quality, direct-from-garden, sustainably minded and feel good, caffeinated green tea. With more caffeine than coffee, Kubo Tea is perfect for active people on the go! Packed with flavor so good and never any sugar! Fun fact – our tea packaging is the only one of the market that is 100% compostable and biodegradable. Including our zipper seal and tea bags.  Kubo Tea stands out in the beverage industry for its commitment to the well-being of tea drinkers, farmers and the environment. 


Inqueeries, licensed by Relatable and created by Joel, a queer writer in NYC. Inqueeries is a delightfully risqué adult party game, designed for the LGBTQ+ community. While it's not your typical luxury item, Inqueeries offers something priceless: genuine connection and laughter. It's a celebration of diversity, vibrancy, and the authentic experiences within the community and is the perfect gift for Gen Z, Millennials, and anyone who loves a good time! 

Global Gardens

This unique subscription club offers some of the finest products you will find on the market. Check out the Awesome Quarterly Club Shipped To Your Door Four Times Per Year – GLOBAL GARDENS ( The subscription includes: 1- 375ml bottle, organically grown, California Extra Virgin, First Cold Pressing Olive Oil; 1- 375ml bottle, California Balsamic Fruit Vinegar and one original, Global Gardens family-recipe cooking item, like a spice blend, condiment or organic snack. You will also receive a 20% discount (25% during November and December!) from their website and on-site at our Santa Ynez Valley Provisions Store as well as invitations to complimentary Clubbie-only events. Free shipping on ALL orders over $99 to any address in the USA! Think family, friends and corporate gifting. 

Viking Beauty Secrets

Viking Beauty Secrets' "The Perfect Pair Gift Set" is available for $60.00 and comes with two wonderful items including an Exfoliating Face Scrub (European Natural Beauty Awards - Winner), which enriches with skin nourishing raspberry seed oil, rowanberries and Icelandic black volcanic sand deeply yet gently cleanses and draws out toxins from the skin. In addition, the gift set offers a Restorative Night Cream with Hyaluronic acid, cloudberries, and other Nordic super antioxidants is a rejuvenating overnight cream that repairs skin and helps to neutralize daily environmental damage. It's also a symbolic and aspirational gift for the couple that wants to visit the pristine lands of Northern Europe.

Queering Rehoboth Beach

“Create A More Positive Rehoboth” was a decades-long goal for progress and inclusiveness in a charming beach town in southern Delaware. Rehoboth, which was established in the 19th century as a Methodist Church meeting camp, has, over time, become a thriving mecca for the LGBTQ+ community. In Queering Rehoboth Beach, historian and educator James Sears charts this significant evolution. Sears draws upon extensive oral history accounts, archival material, and personal narratives to chronicle “the Battle for Rehoboth,” which unfolded in the late 20th century, as conservative town leaders and homeowners opposed progressive entrepreneurs and gay activists. He recounts not just the emergence of the gay and lesbian bars, dance clubs, and organizations that drew the queer community to the region, but also the efforts of local politicians and homeowners, among other groups who fought to develop and protect the traditional identity of this beach town. Moreover, issues of race, class, and gender and sexuality informed opinions as residents and visitors struggled with the AIDS crisis and the legacy of Jim Crow. Queering Rehoboth Beach is more than just an inspiring story about a community’s resilience and determination to establish a safe space for itself in the wake of the era of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. It is also a terrific beach read.


MOOD BARS exist to empower people to dictate how they feel by what they eat.  Each healthy, delicious and satisfying MOOD BAR is brimming with a combination of thoughtful, functional, whole-food-based ingredients with nutritional, physiological, and homeopathic benefits. MOOD BARS are 100% plant-based, kosher, and gluten-free snack bars made with natural, organic ingredients to optimize the body and mind. MOOD BARS are sold exclusively online at and select retailers.  $35.00 for a 12-bar/box and $29.99 with a monthly subscription.


Cryogen, is an LGBTQ founded business and the world's first freezable collagen supplement. Cryogen is a pioneer of freezable collagen supplements, dedicated to transforming the way customers consume collagen – the protein responsible for promoting healthy skin, hair, and nails, as well as providing structural support to tendons and joints. All designed to elevate beauty, vitality, and overall health to support depleting collagen as we age. The Cryogen collection includes Freezable Collagen Peptides, Chocolate Collagen Peptides, Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides, Coffee Creamer, and Collagen Gummies. Cryogen's offerings are free from lactose, sugar, gluten, and corn, catering to diverse dietary preferences. 

Queer Power Couples: On Love and Possibility

From designer Debbie Millman’s ardent courtship of writer Roxane Gay to the romantic and creative relationship forged between Perfume Genius bandmates Mike Hadreas and Alan Wyffels on stage during their first world tour, this beautiful book offers a closer look into the lives of fourteen inspiring LGBTQ+ couples and the meet-cutes, success stories, and personal reflections that made them the role models they are today. These icons come from a range of backgrounds—they are trailblazers who lead research labs, kitchens, and news organizations; create life-giving art and music; and tell queer stories in award-winning books, films, and television shows. With in-depth original interviews by journalist Hannah Murphy Winter and intimate photography by their wife, Billie Winter, this diverse collection is a jubilant celebration of queer love and an empowering reminder to younger LGBTQ+ generations of their limitless possibilities.

Solmate Socks

Step into a world where love and luxury intertwine with Solmate Socks' Love socks, curated especially for the LGBTQ community that cherishes authenticity and high-end fashion. These socks are more than just a statement piece; they are a celebration of love in all its beautiful forms. Crafted from the finest eco-friendly recycled fibers, each pair boasts a rainbow of vibrant colors and intricate patterns, symbolizing the unity and diversity of love. The Love socks offers unparalleled comfort and durability, making them the perfect accessory for those who demand both style and substance. Elevate your wardrobe and express your pride with socks that are as unique and extraordinary as the love they represent. Solmate Socks' Love socks invites you to adorn your feet with the essence of luxury and the spirit of inclusivity, making every step a bold affirmation of who you are and whom you love.

Nose Best Candles are a proud POC, women-led, and LGBTQ+ owned shop based in Brooklyn, NY with a mission to provide a cheeky way to “remix your senses” with their hand-poured and handcrafted candles. Their newest Pride Brunch Collection features three new blends: Drag Brunch, Running Late, and Midday Nap. Throughout June, a portion of proceeds benefit the Trinity Place Shelter, a safe, affirming haven where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) youth and young adults in New York City can access the skills and resources needed to exit the cycle of homelessness. 

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