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Celebrate New Year's in St. Bart's

One of the Caribbean’s most varied and upscales islands, St. Bart’s starts the month, and the year, off with a bang. New Year’s Eve brings super yachts from around the world to line Gustavia’s harbor and the world’s most glamorous fill the small island’s gourmet restaurants and five-star, luxury hotels. At midnight above Fort Oscar, the night sky is lit up by magical fireworks, and all the magnificent superyachts moored off the island sound their foghorns in unison. Whether one is lounging in the spa of a five-star hotel, zipping around the island in an iconic Mini Moke or diving in the pristine waters off St. Barts many public beaches, January is the perfect time to visit one of the world’s most coveted destinations.

Photo Credit: Tourisme de St. Barth

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