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Colombia, The Country of Beauty, Celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride Day

In the context of the celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Day, which took place on June 30, Colombia proves its commitment to strengthening inclusive tourism. Through various initiatives, the country has worked to promote a tourism industry that recognizes and celebrates diversity, that includes segments such as LGBTQ+ Tourism, Afro Tourism, and accessibility.


Inclusive tourism at ProColombia, the promotion agency of the country, begins with the recognition of diversity, for this reason is referred to as diverse and inclusive tourism. This approach aims not only to generate economic benefits for the sector but also to promote sustainability and ensure the rights of various historically marginalized populations. The entity has closely collaborated with national actors, such as the Chamber of Diversity, and international ones, such as the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA), to make tourism a more inclusive sector.


"Tourism is one of the most inclusive sectors due to its openness to welcoming people from all kinds of backgrounds and its desire to tell all kinds of stories about the destinations we are prepared to showcase" stated Carmen Caballero, president of ProColombia.


Concrete Actions to Promote This Segment Internationally

In a historic milestone, Colombia has been invited to participate in the LGBTQ+ Summit in Madrid, Spain. This event, which for the first time will feature a guest country, will see Colombia, the Country of Beauty, represented by ProColombia. This invitation highlights our growing relevance as an inclusive and diversity-committed destination.


Moreover, the entity has been implementing various initiatives to promote inclusive tourism, including participation in specialized events such as the LGBTQ+ Forum of Brazil in São Paulo (held in July) and the IGLTA Global Conference in Osaka (scheduled for October).


Another key action is the Professional Guide for LGBTQ+ Tourism launched in 2018. This is a tool for Colombian tourism entrepreneurs to develop products and services aimed at LGBT travelers. It also contains information on new trends and best practices.


This document includes valuable content, stating that the country has great potential for this type of tourism, as travelers find the country's culture fascinating. Additionally, they are willing to spend more nights in the country to enjoy gastronomic experiences and nightlife activities.


"ProColombia continues to promote inclusion and diversity in tourism by participating in various international events and organizing familiarization and press trips to strengthen Colombia's visibility as an inclusive destination," added Carmen Caballero.


These efforts are complemented by training and development tools for tourism companies, as well as tools targeted at this segment during the business matchmaking events held as part of Colombia Travel Mart and Colombia Nature Travel Mart. Additionally, LGBTQ+ business matchmaking events were held from 2019 to 2021 as part of We Trade.


Some of the successful experiences promoted by ProColombia include:


OUT in Colombia: A tour operator specializing in LGBTQ+ tourism, recognized internationally.

Hoteles Estelar: The first Colombian hotel chain to receive the Friendly Biz certification from the Chamber of Diversity.

● Proudly: Experts in romance tourism for same-sex couples, winners of the national tourism awards in 2020.

W Bogotá: Known for their promotion activities and campaigns focused on the LGBTQ+ community.

Matt Experiencias: Designers of devices to facilitate wheelchair mobility in various settings.

La Unión Coffee Farm: Winners of the national tourism awards in 2022 with their inclusive experience "Seeing Birds with Hands."


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Photo credit: ProColombia


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