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Deauville France is an LGBTQ Haven

Recently, Deauville was ranked by Biba Magazine as having the top 3 of the most beautiful beaches in France. Deauville is a seaside resort on the Côte Fleurie of France’s Normandy region. An upscale holiday destination since the 1800s, it’s known for its grand casino, golf courses, horse races and American Film Festival. Its wide, sandy beach is backed by Les Planches, a 1920s boardwalk with bathing cabins. The town has chic boutiques, elegant belle epoque villas and half-timbered buildings. Here are 3 LGBTQ-friendly properties worth staying at during your upcoming visit to Deauville.

The Barrière Le Normandy Deauville Hotel opens the weekend of June 12 and 13 and then from June 17. Light weaving of Jouy fabrics underlined by the timber of the half-timbering. The Hotel Le Normandy cultivates, two hours from Paris, a brilliant Anglo-Norman style. The ribbed grain of the armchairs and the comfort of the king size bed envelop you in gentle warmth. Cozy bar and chic brasserie perpetuate the joyful elegance of the Belle Époque. Dive into the private pool, dream on the Boards, bet at the Casino and be moved at the American Film Festival. Deauville throbs at the doors of your room.

Like a lookout on the heights of Deauville, this sumptuous 4-star villa borders the greens. Here, luxury is embodied in a casual chic version not far from the city. Nestled in lush greenery, the hotel invites you to relax and unwind. Without effervescence, one stays there in all peace in a serene atmosphere and in a renewed decoration.

Photo Courtesy of Fabrice Rambert

Relax by the private pool. Borrow a bike to travel the Côte Fleurie. Indulge in the expert hands of the professionals at Salon Dessange Paris and enjoy a drink with live music at the end of the week. A case of velvet with golden chandeliers, the Hotel Le Royal Deauville unfolds its magical world facing the sea. Canopies and silky fabrics for romantic nights. Period decor for gourmet dinner. A star of the 7th art may be your room neighbor.


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