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Embracing Wellness in Bonaire

There is no better place to get your yoga practice than on Bonaire. The Dutch Caribbean Island, whose name roughly translates to “good air,” recently announced that they will be hosting their first Annual Yoga & Wellness Festival in partnership with the Bindu Yoga & Healing Center from June 19 - 25, 2023. With no traffic lights and a population of less than 23,000, Bonaire is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts, yogis, and those simply searching for a peaceful getaway. The breezy island is known for its sustainability, eco-friendly environment, and untouched nature — offering everything and more for the ultimate wellness experience.

The week-long festival will consist of two yoga retreats; one by the renowned Ashtanga yoga teacher and influencer, Laruga Glaser, and the other by local yoga teachers focusing on gentle healing practices. Visitors looking to experience Bonaire in the summer will be met with relaxation, rejuvenation, healing, and exploration, providing an authentic look into the lifestyle on the island. To finish off the week, there will be a Yoga Festival on Sunday on Te Amo Beach where visitors can participate in an array of different yoga and meditation workshops and other wellness activities. There will also be music and a lifestyle market to enjoy.

Paired with the beautiful backdrops Bonaire has to offer, there is no better place to realign your chakras and center yourself. Truly a wonderful and culturally immersive experience, Bonaire’s Yoga & Wellness Festival is the hidden gem of the Caribbean, excited to be discovered this year.


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