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Embracing Wellness in Loudoun, Virginia

The luxe Lansdowne Resort on the banks of the Potomac River is winning plaudits for its Respiratory Detox Supplement, wellness packages and culinary team creations, which are guided by the Five Elements-Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

While the resort has long been known for its championship golf courses, in recent years it has rebranded as an Eastern-influenced wellness destination, with its Spa Minérale offering therapeutic massages and wellness bodywork that includes acupuncture, cupping and Eastern-style Guasha, Anma and Table Tap Thai massages. The Wellness Package stay includes overnight accommodations, body composition assessment, foot soaks, spa treatments and more. At the same time, the resort’s culinary teams collaborate on seasonal menus using local, sustainably grown produce guided by the Five Elements. Channeling the principle that food is medicine, the menus in each of the resort’s restaurants deliver cuisine that enhances health and immunity and strengthens the body.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lansdowne Resort/Visit Loudoun

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