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Embracing Wellness in Richmond, Virginia

Body Arc RVA | The Richmond’s first queer-owned, body positive, and art-focused gym. The facility includes personal training, physical therapy, yoga + aerial classes, as well as some free/reduced price options for those looking to jump in for a day or two. 7 local artists helped decorate the walls with bright murals. Many staff members also belong to the LGBTQ+ community.

QueerWell Psychotherapists | A team of queer therapists that offer online and in-person counseling sessions. They can point clients of all ages towards relevant resources and services that will support them.

Diversity Richmond | This nonprofit hosts community events, markets, and even owns a thrift store, and was initially created by the Richmond Gay Community Foundation about 15 years ago.

Richmond also promotes a year-round initiative known as OUTRVA, which has more details on local events, businesses, and leaders making Richmond a destination for members of the LGBTQ community to come and stay.


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