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Embracing Wellness in Sacramento

In Sacramento, staying active doesn’t mean sacrificing fun or community. Health and wellness are just as important to our culture as our fresh and locally farmed food. For those who prefer an enchanting (yet stimulating) outdoor experience, our hiking trails are a gateway to lush landscapes and crystal-clear waters. Just choose your trail difficulty and challenge your friends to complete the trek with you. You might even consider stopping for a picnic along the way or a locally brewed beer when you’re done.

Looking for a more intense workout? Queers and Allies Fitness is a new queer-owned gym that gives LGBTQ people a safe space to reach their fitness goals. Expert trainers help members establish nutrition plans, build strength, manage psychological obstacles, and more—all while building community. The staff also offers specific training for transgender and gender-expansive people, such as pre- and post-op chest development for members undergoing top surgery.

Sacramento Pipeworks is another option for combining excitement with exercise. Rock walls of varying difficulty provide an effective workout for climbers of all experience levels in a setting often praised for its inclusive atmosphere. Fitness sessions including yoga, HIIT, and cycling are also offered on-site for anyone who wants to supplement their climb with an extra challenge.

Photo credit: Queers and Allies Fitness.


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