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Embracing Wellness in The Caribbean

Perched above the soft sand shores of Long Bay Beach, Anguilla - Quintessence Hotel is the ultimate exotic locale for those seeking to relax and unplug. Coined "The Tropical Grand Mansion", the hotel feels like a private mansion, but with all the luxe amenities of a world-class resort. Overlooking one of Anguilla’s most secluded beaches, with just twelve uniquely decorated suites - the property is complete with an exceptional spa, private tennis courts, and exclusive access to the hotel's luxe beach area. This off-the-grid, celeb escape is chock full of state-of-the-art amenities, treatments, and facilities conducive to the ideal wellness retreat. Beginning with the gorgeous yoga pavilion, which is immersed in the hotel's lush tropical greenery... commence your day with a sunrise shavasana and conclude with a sunset meditation session overlooking the endlessly blue Caribbean. If you're seeking a more unconventional setting for your spa treatment, step into the massage pagoda, which allows guests to chime into the island's delicate breezes as they're treated to a relaxing massage of their choice.

For the skincare enthusiasts, Quintessence's Aidan Spa has curated a selection of products and treatments integrating locally inspired minerals, fruits, and plants that heal the body and soothe the soul. Guests can also enjoy exclusive access to Tammy Fender's skincare line, widely adored by skincare enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Delicately crafted using earth's most potent herbal remedies, the extensive skincare line contains emulsions specially made for every skin type. The on-site spa also offers a variety of massages, including everything from traditional Swedish to a Shiatsu massage, which is known to open energy meridians and restore energy by tapping into the body's pressure points, combined with the world's finest essential oils and sea salt scrubs to trigger lasting effects. Beyond the many wellness-focused offerings, amenities, and services - the property prides itself in indulging its guests to the fullest, stimulating each and every one of your senses. During your stay, prepare to be treated with 24 hour private butler service, French-Caribbean gourmet fine dining, and a 2,000 bottle wine cellar, featuring the Caribbean's most exclusive wine collection.

The Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao, immersed in the endlessly blue waters of the Caribbean, is replete with treatments, experiences, and indulgences for those seeking a wellness-focused vacation. From the moment you step foot on the island, an aura of warmth wraps around you, inviting you to take a deep breath and experience the “dushi” magic. Curaçao is a spiritual haven, featuring mystical zones like the Jan Thiel Salt Flats, where not only can you see wild flamingos, but also experience a transformative experience unlike any other. Guests will find that it's almost impossible to sink to the bottom of these natural mineral pools (much like the Dead Sea) due to their high mineral concentration - containing healing and restorative properties. Thanks to Curaçao's "dushi" (the word for sweet in the country's native tongue) magic, a spiritual transformation at these healing vortexes, as they're called, is the perfect summation of all that the island has to offer. Bathing in these salt flats may quell skin flare-ups, make you feel more attuned to yourself, and cleanse you of whatever negative energy clings to you. If you’re seeking state-of-the art massages and treatments provided by highly trained professionals, look no further than “8 - The Experience”, a holistic healing center built in collaboration with a team of therapists. The spa features a small selection of treatment rooms with open windows that face the ocean, offering unparalleled views that allow the island’s constant trade winds from the east to flow through. They’ve thoughtfully designed a menu that individualizes the spa experience to guest needs and wellness goals. There are 3 suggested pathways and several itemized treatments to choose from. The pathways are defined by one’s elemental nature: Infinity/Air, Fire, and Water/Earth and the desired emotion the guest would like to evoke. The “Grounding” menu offers a 210 minute “Grounding Journey” that incorporates three treatments — a grounding massage, grounding facial, and a body treatment with oatmeal and licorice to ground and stimulate, complete with warm oil massage of scalp and feet.

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