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Embracing Wellness in the Pocono Mountains

The Poconos is 2,400 square miles with forests, lakes, rivers and mountains – so hiking and biking are big activities that let visitors and residents connect with nature in state and national park systems, along public trails in any of the four seasons. The Appalachian Trail comes right through Delaware Water Gap! And some hikes provide hikers with amazing views from perches overlooking the rivers and valleys of the region. Mount Minsi in particular!

The Pocono Mountains is also blessed to have numerous resort properties that offer everything from spa treatments to holistic wellness programs. The Himalayan Institute promotes mindfulness, yoga, meditation and relaxation with a vegan culinary focus. The Lodge at Woodloch just had some impressive room upgrades and is among the top spas in the world! It has a snow room, sauna, various pools indoor and out, a garden on property, activities galore and is extremely special all around. The French Manor Inn & Spa is similar in its commitment to amazing cuisine, spa treatments and wellness focused programs like forest bathing.

There are lots more opportunities for healing and wellness in the Poconos – yoga classes and pampering sessions – just check out all the offerings at this page:


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