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Enjoy the Unspoilt Springs and Skies of Iceland

Fun fact: the tap water in Iceland is among the purest spring water available anywhere in the world (which is also the reason you should not buy bottled water in Iceland). In fact, Icelanders often drink it from springs and streams in nature too. Not only is Iceland’s water clean, its geothermal water sources also enable Hotel Ranga to naturally power and heat the property (including the hotel's outdoor hot tubs too) in an environmentally friendly manner from a nearby hydroelectric power station. Visitors to Hotel Ranga can explore a number of nearby natural wonders too, from countless waterfalls and fishing streams to sip from themselves to hot springs and geysers bubbling from beneath the land of fire and ice.

Set in the secluded countryside of the South Coast of Iceland, Hotel Ranga is also an optimal place to experience the Northern Lights when in season, and it is also the ultimate stargazing destination for the same reason: a pure, unspoilt night sky offering visitors ideal views. Given less light pollution and the hotel's own state-of-the-art observatory located on-site, on most clear nights, one of Iceland’s leading astronomy-experts is on hand to guide guests through the constellations and celestial stories behind the stars using high-spec telescopes that peek through a roll-off roof into new worlds floating above.

Since so much of Iceland's tourism interest stems from its breathtaking natural surroundings, Hotel Ranga takes every effort to operate sustainably from repurposing its linens by donating to the local elementary school (where the children learn how to sew small bags that the hotel reuses for gifts over the Christmas season) to sending leftover food from Ranga Restaurant home with the staff who use it to feed their farm animals. Hotel Ranga's eco-friendly steps should help guests feel good about where they are staying, but are a part of a bigger responsibility to not only preserve what brings business to the island, but to most importantly protect the beautiful earth that is our home.


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