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Escape to the Caribbean Island of Saba

Saba is a small but mighty island tucked away in the Caribbean Sea, that is positively brimming with adventure and unadulterated beauty. In celebration of Saba's commitment to its nature and culture, this fall they will be hosting two different events, Sea & Learn, and the Unspoiled Queen Rum & Saba Lobster Festivals.

Every October Saba, an island dedicated to environmental research and sustainability initiatives, hosts the month-long Sea & Learn program. Sea & Learn Foundation is a local non-profit organization that each year invites scientists and environmental experts from around the world to spend the month on Saba and teach local children, elders, and tourists alike about the value of Saba's nature and its importance to the region. The fieldwork ranges from measuring growth rates of Saba's endemic orchids to identifying fluorescing scorpions on a night hike and much more. The focus for all events is enhancing environmental awareness, and all events are open to the public and free of charge. This year marks the 20th year of Sea & Learn, and 14 scientists and experts will be making their way to Saba with the goal of educating and inspiring its locals. For more information on Sea & Learn visit here.

Shortly after from November 6-12 Saba will be hosting the first annual Unspoiled Queen Rum Festival & Saba Lobster Festival, an event dedicated to celebrating their culture and community. The week-long festival aims to highlight two of Saba's local delicacies, Saba's spiny lobster, caught in the Saba Bank, and locally infused rums. Island restaurants will bring the two together creating their own variations of rum inspired lobster dishes, and offer rum tasting sessions, an experience saturated with local flavors. Additional festivities include a rum treasure hunt, crafty claw art sessions with local artists, a lobster & rum bar crawl hitting all of the bars across the island and a rum-centric sunset booze cruise around Saba's stunningly scenic Marine Park. The whole week will give festival participants a taste of all that Saba has to offer. For more information on Unspoiled Queen Rum & Saba Lobster Festival visit here.

Photo by Kai Wulf


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