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European Destinations for LGBTQ Couples in 2022

If one continent is perfect for LGBTQ+ travel, it is definitely Europe. It’s the place where the idea of brotherly (and sisterly) love was established publicly (in Greece), where the best parties are (in Ibiza), and where there is so much old culture to be seen and philosophy to be heard.

Therefore, if you are planning your next vacation or a weekend trip, we suggest starting with Europe. From pride weeks to wild parties all the way to perfect, sunny beaches where you and your partner will relax in the sun and share some tender kisses, European cities and coasts will welcome you with open arms.

Of course, it wasn’t always possible. There was a great struggle to get here, but we got to the point where you can truly enjoy an amazing trip as a couple or a group, and feel at home.

Let’s explore some of the best destinations for LGBTQ+ couples since the months for travel are just starting.

Mykonos, Greece

The fact that Mykonos is practically a gay paradise is well-known worldwide. Not only that it’s visually beautiful, but it is also full of parties, cozy hotels, beaches, different LGBTQ+ events, etc.

Mykonos has, a long time ago, established itself as being the Greek summer party island. While it isn’t officially an LGBTQ-exclusive destination, and it attracts all demographics during the height of the summer holiday season, this island definitely has a lot to offer to the LGBTQ+ community.

From a variety of gay bars and beaches (some nudist ones, of course) to the international LGBT festival, XLSIOR, you will surely find what you need. Whether you are a quiet couple that just wants to relax or two party animals that just can’t stop, you will find something here.


This sunny part of Europe is not only famous for jamon and the best sangria, but it’s also one of the most famous LGBTQ+ destinations.

If you are looking for a party, wild raves, and not too much sleep, there is no better place than Ibiza. If you want to socialize and relax, there is a whole LGBTQ+ district of Barcelona called “Gaixample”. If you visit at the beginning of October, you can see lots of artists, multimedia exhibitions, and also taste great food at the Festa Major de l’Esquerra de l’Eixample.


You might have heard of Montenegro as a small seaside country in the south of the Balkans, but this place has come a long way in the field of LGBTQ+ rights in a truly small chunk of time.

From pride parades to officially improving gay rights to great heights, this may be a wonderful destination for an LGBTQ+ couple to enjoy a vacation.

If you want parties and great beaches, go to Budva. If you want to explore the sea, you should examine unique mooring offerings in Marina Montenegro. The spirit of the Adriatic community will definitely not let you down.

Montenegrins love to relax and enjoy a truly hedonistic way of life. Some good wine and nice fish, maybe going for a sailing lesson in Boka Kotorska, and you will go back with a wide smile on your face.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam has a long-time reputation for being one of the best destinations to enjoy many different “small joys” of life. From culture, parties, Red Light district, and legal cannabis to visually wonderful paths and canals, you will surely not be bored.

Amsterdam has over a hundred venues that were made specifically for the LGBT community; there is maybe the highest number of LGBT bars, clubs, spa centers, some hotels, even libraries, in the whole world.

If you are looking to dance until the morning with lots of other LGBTQ+ travelers and residents, you should visit Reguliersdwarsstraat, which is Amsterdam’s gay district.

In case you want to chill in a bar, there is a famous one called Havana, which is worth visiting.

If you visit at the beginning of August, you will get the chance to join the Pride festival, which floods the streets and Amsterdam’s famous canals.

Europe is your oyster

These places are just a few of the ones you should definitely visit. There is also Copenhagen, Berlin, Brussels, Vienna... Practically every developed country offers enough fun for LGBTQ+ visitors or residents, promising you an unforgettable time and bliss on your way home.


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