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Fall in Love with Columbia, Missouri

Fall in Columbia, Missouri (but you can call us CoMo) means students returning to campus,

festivals celebrating history and music, and cooler autumn weather. Whether you prefer a day of shopping or time spent enjoying the serenity of nature, CoMo is the perfect escape.

With miles of trails and thousands of acres of green space, Columbia is an outdoor lover’s

dream. One of our favorites is Rock Bridge State Park just south of town, where the fall colors

really shine. Bring your hiking boots and choose from the boardwalk trail through the park’s

most popular sites, including the park’s namesake rock bridge. You can also choose one of the longer blazed trails that will lead you past creeks, sinkholes, and beautiful tree canopies.

After a hike, it’s a great time to head down into The District, Columbia’s vibrant downtown area. Surrounded on three sides by college campuses, The District is 50 square blocks of local retailers, galleries, theaters, and restaurants. You can stop by independent bookstores, coffee shops tucked into alleys and view an array of public art all within steps of each other. Of course, people-watching on a restaurant patio is always a good option.

Finally, head just west of CoMo to Rocheport, a small town located on the Missouri River. The peaceful spot also sits on the statewide Katy Trail, the nation’s longest rails-to-trails conversion, and is home to a charming group of shops and galleries. A visit to Rocheport isn’t complete without a stop at Les Bourgeois Vineyard. Located on a Missouri River Bluff, stop by the A-Frame for a glass of wine and an incredible fall Missouri sunset.

Columbia is known for being a welcoming and engaged community all year, but things really

come alive in the fall. Start planning your visit today!


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