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Fall in Love with Japan

Kyoto City – Kyoto is a beautiful destination for fall travel, home to many historic homes, shrines and temples that put fall colors on display in an incredible setting. The Old Mitsui Family Simogamo Villa has an integrated garden with a pond and decorated with lanterns – and this fall, the normally closed-off 2nd and 3rd floor watch towers will be open for guests to explore. Jyojyu-ji Temple is known for it's stone staircase leading to the temple, which is flanked by colorful autumn leaves each fall. Kurodani Konkai Komyo-ji Temple is also well-known for autumn foliage, though this temple is also open for night viewing, with the leaves lit up and often reflected on the water in the Shiun Garden.

Shizuoka – Home to Mt. Fuji, Shizuoka is a must-visit destination in the fall as the iconic Japanese mountain is decorated with fall foliage. One of the most popular places to visit during this season is Shiraito Falls, which is also a National Park. Here, visitors can view the majesty of Mt. Fuji towering over a plunging waterfall shrouded in Japanese maple trees. Another popular spot with a different vantage point is the Asagari Highlands – it's here where the ultra-adventurous can try paragliding to view the fall foliage and Mt. Fuji from the most jaw-dropping vantage point.

Kinosaki – Kinosaki is a small onsen town near the north shore of Japan, and fall is a spectacular time to visit. With the weather cooling down it's a perfect time to stroll the down and go onsen hopping at the town's seven different public onsens. It's also a great time to explore the natural wonders of the area outside of Kinosaki, such as taking a cycling and apple picking tour or trekking to view volcanic rocks in the Kannabe Highlands.


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