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Fall in Wichita, Kansas: a season of outdoor exploration, festivals and more

Fall in the Heart of the Country means it is festival season. From August to November, there are 20-plus festivals happening in the Wichita area, making it a great time to visit. Festivities range from a drone festival featuring 300 synchronized drones fully choreographed with music to one of MovieMaker Magazine’s top 25 coolest film festivals in the world to attend.

Wichita’s Drone Light Festival will take place Sept. 21-23, providing attendees an opportunity to see hundreds of synchronized drones creating various formations set to music, lighting up the downtown Wichita sky up to 400 feet over the Arkansas River and the city’s Keeper of the Plains.

Set for Oct. 5-8, the 21st annual Tallgrass Film Festival will consist of short and feature films from around the world, filmmaker labs, VIP receptions, gala parties and more. The festival has long been considered among the best for filmmakers and this year made MovieMaker Magazine’s list of top 25 coolest film festivals in the world to attend.

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