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Fire Island Pines is Primed and Ready for the Summer 2021 Season

With New York State continuing to lift restrictions, Fire Island Pines is announcing the Pines Bistro restaurant will open this weekend! They are currently accepting reservations. It follows the opening of other recent Pines’ hotspots: Sip N Twirl, Pines Pizza, and the retail store, CAMP. “We’re excited to finally be able to resume dining,” confirms PJ McAteer, Managing Director of Fire Island Pines. “Currently, we are allowed indoor dining at 75%. We will follow all protocols to ensure the dining experience is safe and enjoyable for everyone."

The gay community is eager to return to Fire Island Pines this summer. Most houses have already been rented for the season and available shares are at a record low. A limited number of accommodations are still available in the island’s boutique hotel:

The surge in interest is a welcome relief to McAteer and his staff, but not a total surprise as even in the height of last summer’s pandemic, the season was not a total wipe-out. “Fire Island Pines is a quick train and ferry ride for everyone in the tri-state area,” Kenneth Sullivan, Resort Director of the Pines explains. “It quickly became a haven last summer for city dwellers looking to work from home. After their Zoom meeting, they could switch into shorts and flip flops and find themselves with a cocktail in hand on the beach or dancing outside at Low Tea with their friends.”

Of course, safety was a top concern last summer and remains so this season. McAteer and his team have revamped many of the island’s offerings, upgraded protocols and created new entertainment options such as changing Low Tea to Table Tea with tables socially distanced. “We want everyone to feel safe and secure when visiting Fire Island Pines,” he adds.

Located 90 minutes from New York City, Fire Island Pines first became a destination for gay men in 1952. At a time when it was illegal for two men to dance together in public and when many in the world viewed gay men as sexual deviants, the island provided an important refuge for young men to take each other’s hands and help each other explore their natural inclinations.

With its lush foliage, white sandy beaches and beautiful modern architecture, the Pines was a paradisiacal mecca for gay men, eventually attracting celebrities like Liza Minelli, Luciano Pavarotti and Yoko Ono. Calvin Klein, David Geffen, Perry Ellis and the director Michael Bennett even purchased homes on the island.

Today’s Fire Island Pines is a staple destination for sophisticated gay men who enjoy the beach, music, and fun-in-the sun; all within an arms-reach of New York, Miami, and other major cities on the eastern seaboard.

“There is something for everyone who visits Fire Island Pines,” McAteer says. “We have four excellent restaurants serving everything from tapas to Mediterranean faire and fabulous weekend brunches. We have some of the best nightlife on the planet featuring world class DJ’s and celebrity performers. And we have a hotel that is right smack in the center of all the action.”

Fire Island Pines also boasts one of the world’s best beaches. 850,000 cubic yards of additional sand was recently added, along with new boardwalks, fencing and sea grass.

The trip from NYC to Sayville is less than two-hours on the Long Island Railroad. From there, travelers board busses to the Fire Island Pines ferry. For those outside of NYC, the Fire Island Pines ferry is a ten-minute cab ride from MacArthur airport.

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