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Fire Island Pines Prepares for Summer 2022 Season

After two years of pandemic restrictions and delays, Fire Island Pines is gearing for its return to a fully active summer. Its boutique Hotel is already taking reservations. The Pines Gym has been upgraded with a new tent and equipment including two Peloton bikes and is currently open. Pines Bistro and The Canteen are revitalizing their menus. The island’s world-famous nightclub, The Pavilion, will be opening soon. Sip N Twirl, CAMP & Pines Pizza are open now and the General Store and retail shops TRBL and HANDSOME are opening soon. Joining the retail outlets in the commercial district this summer will be Ron Dorff, a menswear brand that combines Swedish functionality with French style. It opens on May 20th.

“We are working full speed to make sure this is an amazing season on the Pines,” says PJ McAteer, Managing Partner of the Pines, adding that while mandates have been lifted, the island is proceeding cautiously, keeping a close eye on rising cases. He wants everyone to feel secure and free from danger when visiting Fire Island Pines — noting that Fire Island Pines built its reputation as being a completely safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Fire Island Pines first became a destination for gay men in 1952, when it was illegal for two men to dance together in public and when many in the world viewed gay men as sexual deviants. With its lush foliage, white sandy beaches (850,000 cubic yards of additional sand was recently added), beautiful modern architecture, and miles of wood plank boardwalks, the island served as a refuge for young men to take each other’s hands and help each other explore their natural inclinations. It also attracted celebrities from Liza Minelli to Luciano Pavarotti. Calvin Klein, David Geffen, Perry Ellis and the director Michael Bennett even purchased homes on the island.

“The Pines continues to be a unique, magical place like no other on the planet,” says Kenny Sullivan, the Resort Director.

A trip from NYC is less than two-hours on the Long Island Railroad. From the Sayville train stop, travelers board busses to the Fire Island Pines ferry. There is a nearby airport, too. MacArthur is ten minutes away, allowing guests from around the world to enjoy The Pines’ many attractions.

“We are secluded but remain very much in touch with what is going on in the world,” Sullivan continues. He says that when islanders learned Florida passed its Don't Say Gay bill, it rang loud as a warning bell through the Pines. “To hear that any political party is causing us to regress back into closets and hide is shameful and disgusting. WE SAY GAY! We have to fight this in every way possible because if we don’t, their next step will be repealing gay marriage!”

“Fire Island Pines rests on the shoulders of its LGBTQIA+ forefathers and foremothers who fought tirelessly for the protections and rights that we enjoy today,” says McAteer. “We celebrate them. It is why every day on Fire Island Pines is gay Pride.”

The Pines regularly hosts parties with world class DJ’s and celebrity performers. They will release their full event line-up in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, those planning trips to Fire Island Pines this summer should book accommodations immediately. Most houses on the island have already been rented for the season, but “finding a house is not impossible,” says PJ McAteer, “openings do pop up!” He advises checking with the realtors on the island for last minute cancellations. A limited number of accommodations are also still available in the island’s boutique hotel.

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