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Five Amazing Gay Bachelor Party Ideas

Almost every groom-to-be in the world loves a good, unforgettable bachelor party. And, when it comes to gay guys, you can’t deny one thing – they know how to party like no one else. In this new age of coming out more freely than ever before, we can finally see more and more gay weddings, celebrating pride in full power.

Whether you are a true party animal or just truly happy about getting married to your favorite guy in the world, you will be excited to see what happens at your last party as an unmarried gentleman. Celebrating love, with some great music and your favorite friends, what’s not to like?

Now, since there are so many choices on how to celebrate, you probably want something truly special. We are going to present some good ideas here, hoping you (or your best friends) will choose the right one and have the time of your life.

How about a masquerade?

Parties under masks can offer so many variations and themes, and every one of them can be exciting. Choose a theme you especially love – it is your day, after all. Invest in the best costume you can find or make. Whether it is something that came out of a comic or something where a bit more skin is shown, fun is guaranteed. If it’s the sexiest one ever or as goofy as no other, the party will be forever memorable.

Trip to the wild

Yes, those “Hangover” movies might have scared some of you, but if it is planned right and if your mind is kept clear enough, a trip to somewhere exotic can be a wonderful choice for a bachelor party.

Of course, it shouldn’t be greater than your honeymoon. Nevertheless, you can find a way to have a great adventure. Whether you like mountain climbing, zip-lining in a huge forest, camping, maybe some rafting, or a night on a small, empty beach – the fun is endless. Just bring enough energy, enthusiasm, and at least some adventurous spirit, and you guys are set.

Cocktails, boats, and fresh air

A boat party is amazing, amusing, and inspiring, whether it’s set on a dock or on a cruise down the coast. It’s not the cheapest choice, but it will definitely pay off. You can make it classy or make it the wildest in your life, the choices are many.

First of all, choose the best location. Don’t be afraid to spend a few pennies more if your dream location is a bit far. Maybe you want to cruise down a river; the boats are smaller then, so it is possible you won’t fit all of your guests there. The seaside is definitely something to consider. Miami is well-known for amazing parties so if you decide that is for you, find the best boat rental in Miami Beach and party away.

A house party ‘till morning

If you or your friends have a huge crib or you are able to rent a fancy villa or even a cabin far from the city, then a house party can be something pretty cool. Go back to your student days and show who was the king of every celebration back then, with all the experience and energy of a grown man.

This way, you can definitely choose the music you love, all the decorations you can fit in there, have a pajama party or wear a tuxedo, and do whatever you wish – it’s private, it’s freedom, it’s endless fun with no closing time.

Strip clubs and a night around town

If jealousy is not a big issue in your relationship, going to a gay night/strip club on your bachelor party night is something well expected. It brings some excitement while still being safe and not really cheating. Enjoying beautiful people dancing just for you can be very amusing.

Once you are done with that, why stop there? Make it a night of club hopping, cruising in a limousine, and exploring many things the club scene has to offer.

Whatever you choose, we are sure you will be happy you haven’t stayed home and kept wondering what it would be like. No matter what kind of person you are, you deserve to be celebrated before going on that wonderful journey called marriage. We wish you luck with both the party and the life with your loved one.


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