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Hawk Valley Retreat Offers Serenity in Galena, IL

Being immersed in nature, owners John and Jim, of Hawk Valley Retreat & Cottages make it a priority to protect the natural beauty that surrounds them. From being powered by the sun, to honey bee hives, to on-site composting and farm-to-table meals, the couple has instituted several green initiatives. Located just 8 miles east of downtown Galena, it’s the perfect location to relax, restore and explore nature’s bounty. Stroll the 10 secluded acres of meadows and gardens, complete with a pond, walking trail, panoramic valley, and sunset views. Watch the birds, enjoy the porch swing, or relax in the gazebo, and make it your own private haven. So, take a deep breath, and relax knowing that you’re reducing your carbon footprint by staying at Hawk Valley Retreat!

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