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How Diversity Creates a Happier, Healthier Workplace

Companies that run smoothly need to have conformity to rules, schedules and deadlines, but it doesn’t mean that the people within them all have to be the same. A diverse workforce provides different perspectives, opinions and experiences to the mix, which allows the entire company to learn, develop and grow. Just being in the same collective as someone completely different from you can lead to personal and professional growth. So should your company keep diversity in mind when hiring? Absolutely yes and here’s why.

Better creativity flow

Probably the biggest benefit of working in a diverse company is the fact that team members tend to challenge each other constantly. It’s known that people of similar backgrounds usually agree on many topics. This is not always bad (it creates a frictionless environment) but harmony is not the main goal of any work setting. The creative industry greatly benefits from diversity since different people offer different ideas and viewpoints. In a work environment that allows every gender, sexuality, ethnicity and economic status to raise their voice, creativity will skyrocket.

Improved problem-solving

Did you know that a team of diverse people can often perform better at problem-solving tasks than a team of homogenous high-ability professionals? Teams with people from varied backgrounds have a large number of combined skills that aid the team’s overall ability to tackle issues. With a more comprehensive range of beliefs, experiences and ways of thinking, team members are less likely to settle on popular opinion and shy away from conflict. This is what avoids the very notorious groupthink.

Efficiency goes up

An inclusive workplace produces happy employees and happy employees are 20% more productive. With better efficiency, the company can increase salaries, set aside more rest time for workers and focus not only on numbers but also on individuals and social causes. When everyone has a voice and gets to enjoy a safe workplace, absenteeism also reduces, which is one of the main goals of every HR department. And if you add quality workforce management software to the mix that will automate repetitive HR tasks, you can create a workplace with engaged employees and good team morale.

Cultural sensitivity blossoms

Many workplaces suffer from a serious case of an overabundance of consensus. Instead of working hard on developing new ideas and improving what’s already been done, people tend to avoid challenging each other and just try to fly under the radar. In homogenous groups, having just a small part of humanity included in your projects can cause corporate blindness and result in public scandals and cancellations. You’ve probably seen a bunch of titles criticizing companies for insensitivity, controversial slogans and advertisements and cultural appropriation. Making such a mistake can ruin your company, but if you have a team of diverse employees, these mistakes can be completely prevented.

Work safety is improved

Many people today have the fear of being judged for who they are and for all the right reasons. And, people who feel fear can’t make the best contribution to their community. But, diversity in the workplace helps create a work environment that allows people to freely and fully express themselves without any fear of being judged or discriminated against. Diversity creates a safe and inclusive environment that encourages people to give their all when working, rather than having to minimize themselves for the general peace at the workplace. Only people who feel safe and supported can perform the job they’ve been hired to perform!

Profits go up

Diversity will not only improve the company culture but also boost profits and allow the company to grow and spread. According to research, inclusive teams make better business decision astounding 87% of the time, all that while cutting meeting times in half. In the corporate world, time is money, so this means a lot of $$$ for the company.

Today, things are looking better for diversity in the workforce, but many companies have a lot of room for improvement. If you’re looking to improve diversity and intersectionality in your company, look for tips on how to do that and get ready to feel the positive change that awaits your business.

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