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Illuminated Gateway Arches Welcome Visitors to Downtown Las Vegas

The City of Las Vegas recently illuminated its new 80-foot-tall Gateway Arches, spanning Las Vegas Boulevard between St. Louis and Bob Stupak avenues at the base of The Strat. Conceived and designed by Selbert Perkins Design, the archway marks the official entry into historic downtown Las Vegas.

This extraordinary landmark's inspiration stems from classic Vegas symbolism and iconography, its super-scale signage, neon, and flashing lights. State-of-the-art audio and LED technology allows for dynamic, digital content. "We've created a new gateway into historic downtown Las Vegas that will draw many more visitors. This dynamic new entry landmark will energize economic development in the area, much like our work at Fremont East did," said Robin Perkins, partner and co-founder of Selbert Perkins Design.

SPD previously collaborated with the City of Las Vegas to revitalize the Fremont East District into a thriving entertainment destination. Like Fremont East, the Gateway Arches are already proving to be a destination hotspot, demonstrated by visitors' desire to pose with them and post on their respective social media platforms.

“Las Vegas is known worldwide as the getaway for the best in entertainment, fun, dining and convention business,” Las Vegas Mayor, Carolyn G. Goodman said. “What better way to invite everyone into historic downtown than by passing through this massive new archway into the heart of a revitalized Las Vegas?”

Selbert Perkins Design looked to create an iconic landmark, as they did with the dramatic Gateway at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which just celebrated its 20th anniversary. The goal was to create a landmark gateway for the City of Las Vegas and a memorable experience for visitors. Thousands of LED programable lights and enhanced audio technology have been incorporated into the structure allowing the City to celebrate special occasions and holidays and further elevate the Gateway's impact.

The illuminated arches form a towering gateway to the City's expanding Downtown mecca and feature a pink, retro-inspired Las Vegas emblem suspended above the boulevard. The archway intends to compliment the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign on the Strip's south end. Many people do not realize that it lies outside the City of Las Vegas' boundaries in unincorporated Clark County, Nevada. The brightly lighted new Gateway Arches will distinguish where the City's official boundaries begin for visitors traveling north on Las Vegas Boulevard.

"The city simply wanted to help visitors differentiate the two areas of town," Goodman said.

"The Gateway Arches are a striking landmark to designate what has long been the gateway from the Las Vegas Strip to the city of Las Vegas," Stephen Thayer, vice president and general manager at The Strat, said in a statement. "We are thrilled that this beautiful monument has been erected just steps away from our iconic tower."


  • Number of lights on the arches: 13,016

  • The arches are comprised of over 13,000 + RGB light-emitting diode (LED) pucks that are individually programmable

  • Fully programmable

  • Each arch leg spans 140 feet across Las Vegas Boulevard

  • The Gateway Arches will be illuminated every day, beginning at dusk.

The arches were fabricated and installed by YESCO, known for its long-standing history of manufacturing and maintaining Las Vegas' most internationally recognizable signs. "The Gateway Arches represent the newest monumental addition to that portfolio," said Jeff Young, senior vice president, and chief marketing officer of YESCO. "This project is history in the making, and we're proud to have partnered with the City of Las Vegas and Selbert Perkins Design to bring it to life."

"Selbert Perkins Design has been designing city gateways, public art, and landmarks for over 30 years. We are honored to have worked with the City of Las Vegas to design its newest Gateway, which welcomes all to the Historic Downtown," said Andrew Davey, Partner of Selbert Perkins Design. "Our thanks to YESCO for fabricating and installing this complex work. It's been a fantastic collaboration all around!"


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