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Jumper Maybach Unveils World’s First Color Changing Candle Inspired by Fine Art

Jumper Maybach and Kromara Candles have set the world on fire with the launch of the first Color Changing candle inspired by fine art. This luxury item is the latest addition to the magnificent Jumper Maybach Home Collection. The collection is a ground-breaking partnership between celebrity fine artist Jumper Maybach and Kromara. Inspired by the original artwork series “Aliens” and combined with Kromara’s proprietary color change technology, Colorsine®, the new Limited-Edition Jumper Maybach® features three of the company’s premium custom blended colors and fragrances thoughtfully inspired and fully wrapped in the extraordinary artwork of Jumper Maybach.

Each limited-edition candle series will feature the innovative Colorsine® technology: a tech innovation allowing candles to transform from one color to another and magically return to the original color. Many candle companies have tried and failed to develop this unique technology over the years, but now, and for the first time ever, the combined artistic vision of The Artist and the tech vision of Kromara Candle have transformed the industry: One can now live artistically, beautifully, fragrantly, and luxuriously.

Each candle has been carefully crafted, uniquely designed, and hand poured in the USA to magically entertain and delight customers year-round.

Once the candles have been thoroughly enjoyed, the vessels become beautiful pieces of art to be enjoyed and shared with friends. They are available at premium retailers throughout the domestic United States.

“This partnership was truly a labor of love; the vision for this first limited-edition candle series “Aliens”, was one that was a perfect addition to my Home Series. As with each artwork I create, this is truly a magical piece of the Jumper Maybach Brand. I’m simply thrilled,” states Jumper Maybach.

“We could not be more excited with the launch of our latest candle collection in partnership with positive mission and passionate art of Jumper Maybach! Our brand values are clearly aligned and focus on the celebration and magic of colors and creating unique experiences that amaze and delight…and what better time to celebrate those values than during Pride Month,” mentions Brian L. Aiken of Kromara


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