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LGBTQ Travelers Find Luxury in Thailand

Nestled on the hillside overlooking Kata beach, Stay in Style at The SIS Kata designer resort. Stylish designs touching the SIS Senses plus up-to-the-minute hospitality technology. Come, relax, chill and experience true Phuket hospitality.

Phuket, a vibrant island located in the Andaman Sea, is one of Thailand's most popular tourist destinations. Known for its stunning beaches, rich culture, and vibrant nightlife, Phuket offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers from around the world.


Phuket is famous for its pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters and soft white sand. Patong Beach is the most well-known and bustling beach on the island, offering a wide range of water sports and vibrant nightlife. For a more tranquil experience, visitors can head to Kata Beach or Karon Beach, where they can relax and enjoy the breathtaking sunsets.


Explore the rich cultural heritage of Phuket by visiting the Old Town, where colorful Sino-Portuguese buildings line the streets. The island is also home to numerous temples, including the iconic Wat Chalong and the Big Buddha, which offer insight into the local Buddhist traditions.


From snorkeling and scuba diving to elephant trekking and zip-lining, Phuket offers a wide range of activities for adventure enthusiasts. Visitors can also take boat trips to nearby islands like Phi Phi and Similan for a day of exploration and relaxation.


Phuket's nightlife is legendary, with a plethora of bars, nightclubs, and beach parties to choose from. Bangla Road in Patong is the epicenter of the island's nightlife scene, with its vibrant atmosphere and endless entertainment options.


Indulge in the delicious flavors of Thai cuisine while in Phuket. From street food stalls serving up spicy tom yum soup to upscale restaurants offering fresh seafood dishes, the island is a food lover's paradise.

Whether you're seeking relaxation on the beach, cultural experiences, thrilling adventures, or vibrant nightlife, Phuket has something for everyone. Explore this tropical paradise and create unforgettable memories in Thailand's most beloved island destination.


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