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New in '22: Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley

The Delaware Museum of Natural History becomes the Delaware Museum of Nature & Science - Over the past year and a half, Wilmington’s Delaware Museum of Natural History has taken on a huge metamorphosis. So much so they got a new name... Delaware Museum of Nature and Science. This new configuration of the well-known and treasured museum will bring new significance to the wonders of science in the natural world. With a new café, Paleozone, Evolution Trail and more, the Nature and Science Museum will spark creativity and curiosity for the littlest adventurers.

The Nation of Inventors Exhibition at Hagley Museum and Library - Hagley Museum and Library is known for being the start of the du Pont family story here in Delaware. But did you know the museum is also known for housing the world’s second-largest collection of Patent Models? Patent models are representations of inventions that were part of the patent submission process for nearly 100 years. Opening this year, the exhibition is your chance to see them up close and personal in Hagley’s reimagined Visitor Center. Pieces from the collection will be displayed on two floors, one of which features an area specifically for Women Inventors!

Jacqueline Kennedy and Henry Francis du Pont: From Winterthur to the White House Exhibition - This May brings an exhibition decorated with Presidential pride to Winterthur Museum. (And we’re not talking about the current Delaware native occupying the White House) In 1961 an unusual partnership formed between First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Henry Francis du Pont. This duo took on the project of restoring the White House interiors from a public residence to a museum. For the first time, their story will be told. Through artifacts and archives the exhibition, beginning May 7, comes to life in the halls of Winterthur sharing with visitors the behind-the-scenes collaboration between the two during this captivating period in American history.


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