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Palo Maria Waterfall Adventure Hike with Jet's Private Boat Tours

Jet's Private Boat Tours is usually synonymous with boat tours, but don't let the name fool you they have some outstanding land tours as well. The Palo Maria Waterfall Adventure Hike is a moderately difficult hike to a stunning waterfall in the Mexican Jungle just outside of Puerto Vallarta. The climb to the first waterfall involves traversing the river and climbing over small boulders for about 45 minutes to reach an oasis in the jungle where, if you are daring enough, can jump off a cliff or wade into the refreshing pool. Don't forget your reusable water bottle, they supply snacks to have a picnic at the waterfall. If you are more daring and physically able, you can climb the rock wall to the second and third waterfalls, however, this is not recommended for everyone only experienced hikers.

Jet's is dedicated to eliminating single-use plastics on their tours and with their partners. You can book the Palo Maria Tour and others at

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