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Pittsburgh Attractions Ready to Welcome LGBTQ Travelers this Summer

In 2024, Pittsburgh’s iconic Sister Bridges have come to life, lighting up with more than 600,000 color LED lights and enhancing the connection of the bridges between the Cultural District and the Warhol Museum’s Pop District on the North Shore. 


This connection is especially timely as The Andy Warhol Museum celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024 and kicks off the second phase of the Pop District initiative, which will feature new venue construction, program scale and its growth and development as a global arts and culture destination.


Additionally, the Pittsburgh Glass Center, one of the city’s most unique craft arts attraction, will complete its $15 million expansion in 2024, anticipated to double the number of people that visit each year. The glass center fuels a thriving glass art ecosystem of people, facilities, and innovative programming that shape the region’s creative economy, with a goal of educating and inspiring as well as demonstrating the power of the arts to transform a city.


Also, The Carnegie Museum of Natural History celebrates the 125th anniversary of its most popular dinosaur on exhibit, which also inspired the museum’s logo, Diplodocus carnegii, known around the world as “Dippy.” 


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