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Pride Journey Ecotourism: Aruba

Set along the powder-fine sands of Aruba’s famed Palm Beach, The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba ideally situates travelers near all sorts of exciting island excursions. Explore the Arikok National Park, home of Aruba’s protected flora and fauna which covers twenty percent of the island. Enjoy spectacular vistas of a rugged and dessert-like terrain surrounded by cacti, breathtaking coastline, historic gold mines, caves and natural pool. Hike up to Hooiberg, a volcanic formation big enough to be seen across the island. And after each adventure, unwind with a delectably prepared meal at renowned restaurants, ocean view accommodations, and all the other comforts that come with a stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba. At the beach, paddle boarding, snorkeling, sailing, and kayaking entice visitors out into the Caribbean Sea.

A Volcanic Formation

You will spot the volcanic mountain of Hooiberg, whose name comes from the Dutch word for “haystack,” during your descent into Aruba. Hooiberg towers about 500 feet above sea level and consists of a quartz that can be found only on Aruba – Enjoy the spectacular view from the top during a sunrise or sunset hike.

Bubali Bird Sanctuary

Also known as Bubali Plas, this is an official nature preserve. This fresh water lagoon located close to the high-rise hotel strip is an important nesting site for many bird species. A tower located just at the edge of the cattail marsh across from the Mill Resort offers a vantage point for bird watching especially exciting during late fall when the birds migrate to the south

Donkey Sanctuary

Home to about 100 endangered donkeys, this guest-friendly sanctuary in Santa Lucia provides the opportunity to interact with these harmless animals in a fun environment. Stop for a snack and purchase a donkey-themed gift or souvenir; you can even adopt your own donkey! Volunteers care for the donkeys and organize activities and fundraising events.

Dive to a Shipwreck.

Once a trade vessel that transported goods between Germany and Aruba, the SS Antilla, now sits off the coast of Aruba. Plan a diving excursion to the shipwreck, the largest in the Caribbean, and spot the coral formations, lobsters and anemones that cover the site.

Treasure Hunt

In the 1400s, explorers sailed through the Caribbean in search of gold, eventually discovering the bounty that sat on Aruba’s northern coast. Today, visitors to Arikok National Park can walk through the crumbling remains of the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins.

Relax AT THE RITZ-CARLTON SPA, ARUBA with a Native Remedy

Aloe is grown year-round on the island. Take advantage of its healing properties by booking a ‘Misterio di Aloe’ body treatment at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Aruba. The restorative treatment will renew your skin for another day of exploring in the sun.

Learn all about the 160-year old aloe history of Aruba while visiting the Aruba Aloe museum and factory see the production process firsthand from aloe vera leaf to finished products. The tour guides will explain all about the aloe plant and its uses.


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