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Pride Journey Ecotourism: Kissimmee

Located a stones throw away from Orlando, Kissimmee is a destination in its own right. If the theme parks aren't your thing, try heading to Kissimmee to explore nature. Here are a few eco-friendly attractions worth visiting.

Wild Florida – At this park you can find airboat rides, a gator and wildlife park, and a drive-thru safari. Located off Cypress Lake, the airboat tour allows you to get close to gators, birds (including bald eagles), and several other animals in their natural habitat. The gator and wildlife park has several different species of animals, such as tropical birds, emu, lemurs, alligators, and more. Guests can even drive their own vehicles through the Drive-Thru Safari Park and discover native and exotic animals roaming freely.

Note: All waiting areas will be marked with 6-foot spacing indicators and signage. Employees will monitor groups, lines​, and waiting areas to ensure physical distancing measures are being followed. All airboat tours will be limited to no more than eight to 10 persons per boat to ensure social distancing.

Revolution Adventures – Located in Central Florida's countryside, this unique experience lets guests drive an ATV through mud holes, dry sandy tracks, and grass, with plenty of twists and turns. Or take it slow on a six-wheeled army truck designed to give guests a bird’s-eye view of the park’s lakes, sand dunes, and wildlife.

Note: There is reduced availability and the attraction will be strictly adhering to the health and hygiene directives.

Gatorland – Central Florida’s oldest attraction, Gatorland offers guests the opportunity to see thousands of alligators and crocodiles, an aviary, an incredible breeding marsh and bird rookery, a petting zoo, nature walks, and more. For those who want something thrilling, jump on the Screamin’ Gator Zip Line to fly over alligators and crocodiles at speeds near 30 miles per hour. Gatorland also offers the 350-foot long, wheelchair accessible Gator Gauntlet zip line, that travels above the park and its giant alligator breeding marsh.

Note: New safety procedures are available here.

Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park – Located in Kissimmee, this attraction is for the adventurous. It’s an obstacle course with over 97 aerial challenges, set atop canopy trees. It also includes 21 challenges built for kids. It all leads to a 425-foot zip line.

Note: New safety procedures are available here.


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