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Pride Journey Ecotourism: Patagonia, Argentina

Wilderness Patagonia is a inbound design and operation travel company based in Argentina that provides an authentic trip experience in the Patagonian region. The company has a commitment as the first 100% carbon neutral tourism company in the region, which means guests can take a trip with the certainty that the company supports multiple initiatives and innovative projects to offset their operation.

Travelers will be able to know first-hand the initiatives and even be an active part of some of them, when they are in the chosen destination.

Glaciers, wind, volcanoes, water and the force of human will have created this refuge of nature and constant discovery. Here, the stories of explorers, of native peoples, pioneering settlers and a challenging geography, are combined with the desire to discover of travelers who come from all corners of the world to discover the region and live new experiences.

For Wilderness Patagonia, a sustainable world is one in which people enjoy a happy and healthy life and live in a framework of respect for the environment and wildlife. The company looks for this in every region in which we operate.

The Northern Patagonia and Southern Patagonia offices play an important role in achieving our overall purpose of preserving and protecting our ecosystems for future generations. Wilderness Patagonia achieves this through continued efforts to reduce their ecological footprint and to improve the lives of local people and neighboring communities.

“Wilderness Patagonia was created with an end in mind, sustainability as the axis, both in environmental, cultural and economic terms. As a company we have a central role to play in improving the conditions of the communities in which we live and work. That is why our corporate mission highlights sustainability as the axis: Improving the lives of our guests by providing unique travel experiences, with a deep connection with nature and people, through a close and personalized service while generating wealth and development. regional conserving and protecting Patagonia and the planet,” states Carlos Pelli, Founding Partner of Wilderness Patagonia – Travel Company.

Check out these upcoming excursions:

• Patagonia Classic is about an immersive journey in Patagonia from the Lake Region in the Andes Mountains through the untamed Patagonian espeta, to reach the Valdes Peninsula (UNESCO World Heritage Site) ending the trip in Puerto Madryn on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The trip is for 07 days and 06 nights and it is an authentic Patagonian Safari experience.

• Ciurcuito Herradura (Horseshoe Circuit) is about a program of 03 days and 02 nights trekking in the Patagonian forests on the border with Chile over the heart of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. An adventure to discover nature, and discover yourself immersed in the immensity of the Park. Without a doubt, one of my favorites.

• Discover Patagonia Expedition is an ideal program to organize in families or small groups, it combines 02 days of trekking with 02 days of kayaking visiting one of the best routes in Northern Patagonia.


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