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Pride Journey Explore: Ottawa

Check out the online walk-through of the Canadian History Hall at the Canadian Museum of History, to learn about Canadian history and experience from coast to coast to coast. Divided into three time periods, this virtual tour allows viewers to learn about distinct times in Canadian history.

Take a virtual tour through the Diefenbunker, Canada’s Cold War Museum, the underground-bunker-turned-museum which was built to house senior members of government during the Cold War. Click through the various levels to see the cafeteria, radio-broadcast rooms, machine rooms, and much more!

Take a virtual trip down the Rideau Canal with TVO’s program TRIPPING the Rideau Canal! This four hour, immersive “real-time” trip down the UNESCO World Heritage Site explores the beauty and history of the Rideau Canal as if you were sailing yourself. The video is serene, includes fun facts along the way, and transports the viewer back to the summertime.

Escape Manor is offering virtual escape experiences that allow you to test your detective skills without leaving home. Up to four people can join, even from different locations in the original Taken: the Swiss Account experience or in the brand new Taken II: Finding Caesar experience. Other options are available for larger groups.

Brew Donkey’s Virtual Beer Hall events recreate their live tour experiences online. Go behind the scenes with a brewery representative, ask questions through the chat feature, and sip beer at virtual tables—all in real time. Purchase your own beer and ticket separately, or get special beer delivery and bonus items. Upcoming Beer Halls are hosted on December 13 and December 20.

C’est Bon Cooking is offering virtual cooking classes for those who wish to learn various culinary skills from home.

Photo Credits: Canadian Museum of History, Ottawa Tourism

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