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Pride Journey Explore: Pittsburgh

Doors Open Pittsburgh is proud to present a series of virtual events.

"Bayernhof Museum: Music Boxes and Other Obscure History" virtual experience will be presented on Monday, December 14. Doors Open Pittsburgh will be on-location for a peek inside one of Pittsburgh's most unusual mansions - the Bayernhof Museum. This mansion contains a world-class collection of music boxes and other antique automatic music machines, as well as many other fascinating items.

Bayernhof was the private residence by Charles Brown III, founder and CEO of Gas-Lite Manufacturing Company. This 19,000-square-foot house includes a rooftop observatory, an indoor cave, a swimming pool with a 10-foot waterfall, 10 fireplaces, as well as a completely restored copper still.

"Holiday Cheers" takes places on Monday, December 21. We will be on-location at the Engine House 25 Wines, a discreet and private wine cellar under the Clemente Museum. Head vintner, Duane Rieder, will share their winemaking process, the varietals, and how this amazing winery came to be! Participants can pre-order their wine to participate in a live tasting during the virtual event. The virtual events, DOP Stories, are lived-streamed weekly on Monday evening, 7:30pm – 8:15pm.

For a complete list of DOP Stories in November:


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